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I arrived at my opinions about abortion through somewhat unusual way. I was adopted at birth because my bio-mom did not have me murdered in her womb. Too, my adopted parents were a pair of the best.

A couple of years ago I was trying to persuade a pro-abortion acquaintance that abortion was not a good idea. He was stalwart in his views. I did some research and came up with this, just to poke him in the eye.

While I don’t say all the scalars are 100% correct, I think the magnitudes are close.

Babies born in the years 1973 through 1982 would have been old enough to vote in the 2000 election. Babies aborted in the years 1973 through 1982 would not have been around to vote in the 2000 election.

In the years 1973 through 1982 there were a total of 12,780,000 legal abortions performed in this country. The largest portion of abortions takes place in the large urban cities. You know, in blue states.

When you break it down by the number of eligible voters who actually vote (about 1 in 3); you find that if those abortions had not happened Gore would have received about 2, 023,000 additional votes nation wide.

Florida has about 5.6% of the total US population. So, of the 2.023 million aborted Gore votes; 152,000 would have been cast in Florida.

Reported by CNN, Using the NORC data the study found that Bush would have emerged in Florida with 493 more votes than Gore.

Note that 152,000 is greater than 493.


1. Except for abortion, Gore would have won the 2000 election easily. It would have been called a route.

2. Because of abortion, George W. Bush was able to keep it close enough to secure the Presidency.

3. Nothing of what the Bush Administration has done or accomplished would have happened, except for abortion.


On this issue of life beginning, I think that the Law of the Perversity of Nature is best applied. The law is best understood by example i.e. beforehand you cannot determine which side of the bread to butter. While, after the bread is buttered, it is easy to determine which side to butter, because it is buttered.

The beginning of a life is indeterminable, but the ending of life is obvious. One instant there is not life and the next instant there is life. Anything anyone does to intervene, the instant after a life begins that causes that life end, is killing.

You can kill wheat with a combine. You can kill a horse that has a broken leg. You can kill a bug with your shoe. You can kill a zygote with chemicals. You can kill a hog with an electric shock. You can kill a nearly born baby with scissors through the back of its head. You can kill yourself with razor blades in the bath. You can kill a murderer with an injection. You can kill an attacker with a Smith and Wesson. You can kill the terminally ill with a morphine drip.

Slaughter, euthanasia, murder, mercy killing, self-defense, abortion, execution, chemical abortion, homicide, suicide, harvesting, extermination, partial birth abortion (D&E), assisted suicide, infanticide; they are all kinds killing.

You cannot know when to begin to call anything alive, but you can easily know when to call something dead. There is bad killing, and good killing. Most people can tell the good from the bad, when they see it. Combine harvesting winter wheat – good killing. Armed bank robber shot dead on the scene – good killing. Young woman floating dead in a bloody bathtub – bad killing. Dismembered fetus pulled out piece-by-piece – bad killing.

Most who see an abortion know instinctively that it is bad killing. The rest is politics. This argument has convinced even atheists that abortion at any stage is bad killing; and I didn’t have to mention God even once.



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