Since Aug 3, 2004

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How do you feel right now? Check yourself. Does a place in your body hurt or do you have bad thoughts or feelings? Take note of whatever it is then set it aside for the moment. Now as you are reading this, gradually start to notice your peripheral vision. Without looking away from these words you can see the edges and shape of the screen. Is it a computer screen, a laptop or smartphone? Take note of it. Continue reading and using your peripheral vision. What is beyond the boundaries of the screen? Is there a a lamp and office supplies on a desk? Is there a wall behind the screen with pictures and a window? As you identify your surroundings using the full scope of your vision, you are exercising a skill called environmental awareness.

Next, where are your hands? Are they on a keyboard or a mouse? Are you holding a tablet or smartphone with your hand? Without looking away from the screen, can you see them out of the corner of your eyes? Are those your hands? You do have hands? Can you see yourself? Good. Now that you’ve become conscious of your hands without looking directly at them you are developing a skill called body awareness.

Check yourself again. How do you feel now? Do you notice anything different? Where did the pain go? Where did the thoughts or bad feelings go? Did they at least subside while you were following directions? You are not suppressing anything. You’ve merely brought your attention to the here and now, to your environment and body. Do not drown out bad thoughts, feelings or body pains. Never struggle with anything. Instead, simply look at it. Just as you became observant of your surroundings and hands, you’ll see you can also become objective to pain, stress, negative thoughts, emotions, temptation and even harassment. When you practice this you’ll discover that objectivity creates a small, safe distance between you and what is troubling you, giving you the leverage you need to take control of your own consciousness and make your own decisions.

Use your peripheral vision to mind your surroundings and mind your hands. This two step technique will help you become less emotional and more objective, to exist in the moment and see everything for what it really is. It gives you the power to effortlessly dissolve unnecessary mental clutter or hurtful sensations and even become less clumsy and less provokable. Keep your head. See everything and yourself for what they really are. Manage your own pace. Don’t let anybody ever pressure you or trigger you emotionally or convince you that what you see is not what you see. Your calm is more important than anybody’s issue.

If a baby is crying, your attention will sooth it. If you shine a light on the darkness it will go away. If you stand up to a bully bravely without fear or anger, he will have nothing to manipulate you with. When the Israelites were being bitten by poisonous snakes, Moses wrapped one of the snakes around a stick and held it up for everyone to look at. Everyone who stopped running and reacting out of pain and fear to look up at the snake did not die. JUST LOOK AT IT. How much effort does that take? Bear the discomfort without hating it. Evil hates to be seen objectively for what it really is. Depression, anxiety, suicide, addiction, harassment, stress, pain and illness are bullies. If you look at them innocently without judgement, blame, anger or fear, they will shrivel up and die in the light of your objectivity.

What you have just read is a program designed to reintroduce you to your senses and individuality. This is a functional form of meditation which you can use all day long while at work, while driving your car or interacting with stressful people. It is based on concepts developed by another writer in an exercise that can be found at the following website. If you see benefit in what you’ve experienced here, please go to to further your recovery of who you really are. There is much more you need to know. Come back! Come back to your senses. The world is in agony, waiting for the real you.