Congressman Billybob
Since Feb 1, 1998

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The current Homepage link is my Exploratory Committee for Armor for Congress, in the 11th District of North Carolina. That's up in the Blue Ridge, west from Asheville to the tip of NC under Tennessee, and above Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. That site has e-mail links.

I've stopped updating my original Homepage, the website of the (More er Less) Honorable Billybob, cyberCongressman from Western Carolina. It also described the Congresscritter's Close Personal Assistant, Felicity Fahrquar, and his Administrative Assistant, John Armor, Esq.

Occupations: writer, lawyer, businessman, lecturer;

Avocations: white-water rafting, radio talk shows, humorist (of sorts).

My weekly columns are carried on several sites on the Internet and in three less-reputable newspapers. I now post these on FreeRepublic. In addition, I write on constitutional law, at: And whenever there is a Patriots Rally in D.C., I am there with bells on, regardless of weather, as an opening speaker for the truth of America. Other trips to Washington are in the planning stages.
Also, see a new website,