Since Apr 16, 2003

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Read this entire email and forward it to seven friends and three people you do not like. If not, something terrible with happen to you.

Tonya in Houston ignored this email. Three days later, she learned she had contracted The Clap.

Greg from Duluth only sent it to two friends. He is now balding. Some people even call him "Chrome Dome."

Henrietta and her husband Charles were trying desperately for years to conceive a child. They received a copy of this letter in the mail, and threw it in the garbage. One year later they had a healthy baby boy who grew up to be sort of a jerk.

On the other hand, Maggie from Toronto followed this letter's orders. The very next day, she paid 10 dollars (Canadian) for a ten minute massage at the nail salon. The woman massaging her back must have lost track of time, and Maggie enjoyed 13 whole minutes of bliss.

Terrence from New Haven also followed instructions. The next day, he bowled a 217. Normally, he doesn't break 180.

So now you have been warned of the consequences, and shown the great rewards you may reap. IGNORE THIS EMAIL AT YOUR PERIL!!!!!!!!!!!