Since Feb 5, 2002

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Chukcha is Russian name for Eskimo. They came from Stone Age into 20th century and I am sure they had a lot of questions. They are butt of many jokes in Russia. On the other hand their life may be primitive, but it is simple and straightforward. They have no enemies – only nature.

In Russian jokes they do ask a lot of stupid questions, make silly remarks, and draw wrong conclusions. Very much like people on Free Republic.

Here is a sample:

People of different nationalities debate Lenin's nationality.

Russian says – "Lenin was born in Russia, he was Russian".

Swiss says – "Lenin lived most of the time in Switzerland, he was Swiss".

German says – "He promoted ideas of our philosophers, he was German".

Chukcha says – "Lenin was Chukcha!".

Everybody screems "Why???".

"Because he was very smart".

Don't get me wrong. I am not Chukcha. But I want to be one…