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If you are new to FreeRepublic (Freep), you may find this info helpful:

When I try to access mail or do other things, why do I get "Sorry, your account is too new to use this feature"?
Your account is on “mute” because you are a new member, or have only made a few posts. The moderators mute new users to cull the ones who are here to create problems, e.g. post porn, liberal views, etc. Once the moderators get to know you better (i.e., after you have replied to a few articles), they will “activate” your account.

What is FreepMail?
FreeRepublic's internal mail system available to registered users (log in and click "Mail" at the top of the page).

What is a ping?
You can request that a page admin send you reminders (pings) when new content is posted. To see your pings, log in and click "Pings" at the top of the page.

Where can I learn all the lingo and lore of FreeRepublic?
Visit this page: The Lexicon of Free Republic

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