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One Big Ass Mistake, America.

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="One Big Ass Mistake, America."><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Sarah plays world's tiniest violin 4 you.

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Sarah Palin plays world's tiniest violin 4 u."><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Is Mrs. Clinton really female?
Only the chromosomes know for sure.

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Is Mrs. Clinton really female? Only the chromosomes know for sure"><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Pelosi's relationship with the CIA:
'they lies to ussss... we hates them...'

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Pelosi's relationship with the CIA - they lies to ussss... we hates them..."><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Soetero, Soros & Co. are using nazi imagery now. The parallels are very real.

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Soetero, Soros & Co. are using nazi imagery now. The parallels are very real."><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

obama is bork-b0rked.

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="obama is bork-b0rked."><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Obama's America

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Obama's America"><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Black Panthers with nightsticks intimidating voters? "No Problem", says OJ dept.

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Black Panthers with nightsticks intimidating voters? No Problem, says OJ dept."><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Nice family portrait.
How could you possibly think he's a muslim?

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Nice Obama family portrait. How could you possibly think he's a muslim?"><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Olberderp summed up nicely

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Keith Olbermann"><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

You'd have to pry Walter Williams' guns
from Walter Williams' cold dead hands.

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Dr. Walter Williams"><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

Krushchev did warn us that they
would "Barry" America. We just misheard.
(joint work with another freeper)

<br><br><img border=0 src= usemap="#map1" alt="Krushchev, bury you"><map name="map1"><area shape="circle" coords="11,11,11" href="" ></map><br><br>

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I aspire to be a Christian Man
and a Christian Husband.
9/11: Never forget.
chuck the tv out!

Inspired by wolfcreek's story of his day of the Columbia disaster, I wrote down my 9/11 day.

On 9/11 I was in Europe, volunteering at a charity that resold goods to raise funds for a day center for older people. I had volunteered there 4 months, but for the first time I went home around lunch to test 2 VCRs that had been donated. I never listened to the radio at home, full as it is in Europe with leftist sociopolitical propaganda, but with my TV system in pieces on the floor ready to test the VCRs, I had the radio on, and heard that a plane had flown into the WTC. I kind of didn't believe it, but then connected the TV back up just in time to see the 2nd plane flown round the back and into the other tower, with the newscaster reporting the event stuttering 10-15 seconds after it happened. It was like I had to see it as it happened, not just hear about it later.

I no longer have a TV. I watch some videos on the net, but broadcast TV finished for me in 03. They incrementally change your paradigm, and you don't even notice, even though you think you are being critical. Lots of people think they are being critical, and msm are fully aware of this large audience segment, and ensure they never quite trip your wire. Every year or so I accidentally catch some tv, and it's always shocking, because I catch a full year of paradigm tweaks. Even stuff you think is good is actually full of crazy lib premises. Rush is a good example of what main-stream media should be like. The so-called msm is totally extremist.

What about evolution? ToE is not true. It is a doctrine of the Humanist religion. The indoctrination of American children by that religious doctrine is forbidden by the 1st amendment. It serves no scientific purpose; it's only output is socio-religious worldview, just like global warming.

What about the age of the Earth? I'm not really concerned how old the earth is. I always support the young earth arguments when debating people, because there are excellent arguments for a young earth, at least as good as the arguments against, and probably better, and so they deserve an honest scientific hearing. In addition, most people support the "billions of years" idea purely because that's all they've ever heard, and I am naturally biased against that kind of thing. Many people have never even heard the excellent case for a young earth. These scientific arguments can, in fact, beat old earth arguments every time. As much as I support the young earth argument in this way, I don't think it is necessarily required by the Bible. However, people have been around for about 6000 years, for which there is much scientific evidence.

If the universe is 6000 years old, I think people will be forgiven for not believing that, because the speed of light certainly seems to be constant right now, and the distance of distant galaxies can be approximated by their angular seperation, which is an empirical, evidence-based method, unlike the redshift, which makes many (some doubtful) assumptions. It has been scientifically argued that the speed of light is not a fixed constant, but has been decreasing, judging by experiments to find c over the last couple of hundred years, which show a decrease, even once the errors of the experiments are taken into account, and the data shows an asymptote to the current time, on a cosecant curve. Scientifically, it all hangs on whether the speed of light has always been constant. If it has, the universe is billions of years old. If it has not, it very well might not be. The case for a variable speed of light has now been taken up by "consensus science", and as usual, what started as a "fringe" mocked thing is starting to be looked at by a wider group. "consensus science" always starts out mocking the things that become the future "consensus". In summation, the case for a young earth deserves an honest hearing.



When/if the Left can defeat us militarily,
they will immediately do so.
They only don't for now
because we would win.
In 50 years, the only thing happening now
that anyone will care about, is demographics.