Since Oct 2, 2000

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A well regulated Militia,
being necessary to the security
of a free State,
the right of the people
to keep and bear Arms,
shall not be infringed.

"So long as Americans can be convinced that they need to apply for a privilege to exercise a right they can expect to be denied their rights."~ Boonie Rat

"Big government by its very nature is government that intrudes in people's lives, usurps their rights and responsibilities and confiscates their money. There is nothing conservative about any of this. Regardless of how benevolent and well-meaning its intentions are, government expands almost entirely for the purpose of controlling and regulating the lives of its citizens. Each act of government, each law passed, each regulation written is a step toward limiting the freedom of some one or some group or some organization or some business or industry. Granted, some of these steps may be necessary but most of them are not. So let's not kid ourselves. If conservatives are people who put freedom ahead of security and individual rights ahead of government control, then it must follow that they are opposed to big government. This being the case, a policy of 'big government conservatism' is merely an excuse for wayward conservatives to justify moving leftward and anyone who denies this is an ignoramus, a fool or a hypocrite." --Lyn Nofziger

"The key to understanding the American system is to imagine that you have the power to make nearly any law you want. But your worst enemy will be the one to enforce it." ~ Rick Cook

"To bear true faith and allegiance-- not to a man; not to the land; not to a political party, but to an idea. The idea is liberty, as codified in the Constitution of the United States." -Mike Vanderboegh

With a wink or a gun
She might send you to heaven.
But now the axis has won
The name of christine11.

Let it be understood,
You're packin' heat and a sweater.
When I'm good I am good,
But when I'm bad I am better.
(courtesy of Sabertooth)

Christine with your ping list,
You better guard it well,
'cause if it becomes public,
We're all in FReeper hell.

It doesn't really matter,
All the battles we have fought,
For Conservatives and justice,
To the Bushbots we are naught.
(courtesy of jrewingjr)

You say you love charms of purple
Mine all taste like maple syrple.
(courtesy of argh)

"...[C]reating a surveillance state will divert valuable resources away from investigating legitimate security threats into spying on innocent Americans, thus reducing security. The American people would be better served if the government focused attention on ensuring our borders are closed to potential terrorists instead of coming up with new ways to violate the rights of American citizens. ...National identifiers threaten all Americans by exposing them to the threat of identity theft by private criminals and abuse of their liberties by public criminals, while diverting valuable law enforcement resources away from addressing real threats to public safety. In addition, national identifiers are incompatible with a limited, constitutional government." --Rep. Ron Paul