Since Nov 2, 2005

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Hey everyone, I've been coming here for quite a while, and finally decided the time has come to register!
A little about me:
I'm currently a college senior, 21, and unfortunately single.
I'm a bit of a pop culture geek.
I got my user name because Chewbacca's my favorite "Star Wars" character.
I first accepted Jesus into my life about four years ago, and I'm very glad I did. Raised in a Christian Republican home, though neither of my brothers think very highly of Republicans (I'm sorry to say that my younger brother is a registered Communist, and someone I pray for every day). College life is tough, since it seems like the leftists in my school are the only ones whose voices are heard. I acknowledge that America has made a lot of mistakes in the past (Slavery, mistreatment of Indians, the Jim Crow laws, etc.), but I don't live in the past, because I know that there is still hope for our country. America can still be saved and redeemed.
People I admire (Besides the Lord Jesus, of course):
1. My parents, particularly my father. He has so much stress in his life between work and my family and everything else, yet he still perseveres and pushes on. Lesser men probably would have given up and left their families by that point.
2. George W. Bush. He's a good, intelligent president who knows what he's doing. He is also able to easily shake off all the insults and barbs against him from liberal jerks who think they know politics.
3. My late grandfather. He was a great man, who did a lot for his town and his country. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor (After the bombing), and was one of the head maintenance workers for the jets there. At his funeral almost ten years ago, my mom noted that there were “People in jeans, and people in expensive suits” who had all come to say farewell to him. I can’t wait to see him again in Heaven.
4. Dr. James Dobson. People keep giving him crap about the whole thing with Harriet Miers, but I don’t mind. He is a good man, and a smart man, who I deeply respect. He’s not some money- grubbing televangelist, but a genuine servant of God who really wants to help his fellow man.
5. Rebecca St. James. She's my favorite singer. She's also a wonderful role model for America's youth, a woman who's beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, a very outspoken advocate of sexual purity, especially among young people, and a humble, truly devoted Christian who's in the music industry solely to praise God and help lead people to Him. She once even led a Bible study at the White House.
I'll put up more soon.