Since Jan 29, 2004

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Hi,my name is Chris. I live in the foothills of North Carolina. I am married with one daughter who is 5 years old and the light of my life. I do hold to conservative values. I am new to really following politics, so I ask that each one of you be patient with me if I seem a little unfamiliar with politics. I decided to become involved in politics, and watching what goes on with our government after the November, 2000 election, and became absolutely impassioned when the two federal court decisions declaring the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional because of the phrase "One Nation Under God", and the decision concerning the 10 Commandments display in Alabama. These two decisions made me realize just what a dangerous time it is for our country. I love America with all of my heart. However, I do not believe this Republic can or will stand if we continue to remove and erode away our moral foundation, that being our Freedoms are the gift of God, not the creation of a man.