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Sweet Home, Alabama.

Roll Tide.

Archibald's Barbecue (Northport) is the best in the world!
Southern Baptist
Independent conservative with libertarian (little l) leanings
4,3,3,1 dogs, kids, cats, wife

Tombstoned from DU after 4500 posts as DUmmie "forgethell". Three time LOUSY FREEPER TROLL on PJ-Comix's DUmmieFUnnies

Although I didn't make the FUnnies this time, I was on the referenced DUmmie thread under a new name.

Some other 'Burning Water' threads

Burning Water was banned after 1200+ posts

some 'chesley' threads

Bumped off DU 02/24/2007 as DUmmie "Totallybushed". Here's my Kewpie doll from PJ-Comix

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Former taglines: Liberals...what's not to loathe
The Republicans don't deserve to win, but America does not deserve the Dhimmicrats.
"Socialism" - compassion for those that don't have any.
"Socialism" - The devil made them do it.
Where's the Omelet - Orwell
The war is over when the loser, not the winner, says it is.
("Hate" -- You wouldn't understand; it's a leftist thing)
Eat what you want, and die like a man. Never trust anyone who hasn't been punched in the face
the right to protest is not the right to disrupt

On prosemiteundercover
Fighting stupidity since 1948
Where's the omelet? - Orwell
The war is over when the loser, not the winner, says it is.

Hate speech is verbal communication that induces anger due to the listener’s inability to offer an intelligent response. -Mike Adams

policy is not about your feelings
(Lib arguments are neither factual, logical, rational, nor reasonable. They are, however, creative.)
La révolution dévore ses enfants - Georges Danton
God's chosen instrument - the trumpet