Chairman Fred
Since Oct 22, 1999

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Born 7-19-53, Santa Cruz, CA. Educated Adams Township, MI (South Range Elementary, would have attended Jeffers HS, Painesdale) graduated Wayne HS, NE, 1971; attended University of Chicago, 1971 - 1977 (major subjects, Physics, Music). Current home, San Diego, CA. Musician (day job: title examiner (hey, you wanna buy a bridge?)). Unnmarried. Recommended reading, "The Law", Frederic Bastiat; "The Road to Serfdom", F.A. von Hayek. Recommended listening: Mass in B-Minor, J.S. Bach; Vespers (aka All-Night Vigil or Fsenoshchnoye Bdyenye), S. Rachmaninoff.