Since Sep 4, 1998

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"I ask not what my country can do for me,
but what I can do for my country".
My Philosophy is:
The main function of the federal government
is and should be mutual defense of the several states.
Government should not be doing for the individual
what the individual can and should be doing for themselves.

It has been said by some of our elected politicians that the Constitution is a living, changing document. Nothing, but Nothing could be farther from the truth than that statement. The constitution is the foundation for our government, our laws, and our society. If it is continually changing, from politician whim to politician whim, we have nothing but anarchy.

It has also been said, by one of our supreme court Justices, that foreign law should be considered when deciding the constitutionality of a law or ruling. That statement undermines our constitution, and should be grounds for impeachment.