Since Oct 15, 2007

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Lurker for 7 years, then joined in 07. Great-grandma, daughter of a Marine (WWII vet), mother of a former Navy man, now the grandmother of a Marine, conservative Republican all my life. Wanted to do volunteer work for a Republican candidate after a lapse of 44 years but except for Sarah, we didn’t have one. I tried anyway. Worked all year in 1964 for Goldwater, shook his hand at airports in Texas, and heard the great Ronald Reagan make The Speech as an alternate delegate to the state convention. I loved Reagan, and by the time he ran for president I had personally provided him with four more voting-age supporters.

This is different, I never expected to live to see the horrors I’m seeing now in my country or to fear so much for all those descendents I now have. I’m angry enough to do whatever I can to stop it.

Oh, and I like kitties a lot more than people as a rule. -------- Update 2018 - I thank God we have President Trump now. I worked for him as I could at my age, and 2 of my now middle-aged-grandparent kids did, too. My kids, their kids, and their kids' kids are raised right. My oldest great-grandson will be voting age in 4 more years. 2022. I probably won't be here, but let's all hang on to what we've finally accomplished and been given against great odds (except the Lord is in it) because a lot of us have the kind of great-grands I do and I will trust them to keep it going. Liberty, that is.