Since Oct 17, 2000

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The First Amendment is the FIRST refuge of a scoundrel!!!

Line the borders with nuclear waste!!!

Years ago we quarantined those with TB and leprosy...Now we hire them to cut our lawns and prepare our food!!!

Islam is a religion of PIECES. PIECEs of Jews, PIECEs of Christians, PIECEs of anyone refusing to submit to the death cult of Mohammed...

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good Muslims to do nothing...

If we 'defeated' the Soviet Union by bankrupting them...How do we expect to defeat China by making them RICH?

Illegal aliens are committing the crimes Americans are quite capable of committing on their own, thank you very much!

The greatest disappointment of the 20th Century is that the so-called "greatest generation" spawned the absolute worst one.

Today's colleges and universities are nothing more than liberal sleep-over indoctrination camps.

Bring us your tired, your poor, your emboldened masses infected with TB... The wretched refuse of all other shores... Send these, who work the system, no matter the cost to me... I empty my pockets and open my doors!"

And you can't spell compaaaaaaassssssionate without the letters A, S and S!!!

I always thought that one day, when China has everything they need, they will just seize our factories and dare us to do something about it. What would we do? THEY OWN OUR SMART BOMB FACTORIES!!!

Maybe we DON'T wish to keep our republic, Mr. Franklin!

We need the George Pattons of our country to fight our wars, not the George McFlys!

All it takes for evil to triumph is for Republicans to befriend, act like, and give in to, Democrats.

When Republican'ts say something controversial, they make it worse by apologizing for it. When Democrats say something stupid, instead of apologizing for it, they follow it up by saying something even more stupid with even more conviction.

If Republican'ts will not stand up to the domestic Democrat, why should we expect them to stand up to the foreign terrorist?

Liberalism is a religion of PC...

It means NOTHING, and takes NO RISK to "stand up" to GOOD. It means EVERYTHING and RISKS EVERYTHING to stand up to EVIL.

Those who prevent the proper teaching of history create students destined to repeat it.

History is not written by those who win wars, but by those who win the war to control the History Dept.

Congress is more afraid of nail guns and illegal immigrants than law abiding American citizens...

Judeo-Christian culture: The ORIGINAL inconvenient truth

The greatest trick the Communists have played is to convince the American people that they no longer exist

Free traders without any sense of nationalism, loyalty, or morality are, in reality, Free TRAITORS.

Immigration without assimilation means the death of this nation.

When Americans begin equating their leaders to Hitler or Bin Laden, they open the door for the real thing to ultimately rule them.

Capitalists will BUY the rope from China, for "low, low prices", and hang THEMSELVES with it!!!

Parents that do not buy Chinese made products for their children love their children more than those that do.

Those who claim the Constitution is 'living' do so because they want to KILL it.

It is irrelevant that Marxism does not work...Marxism WINS!!!

It's become clear since November of 2012 that the Untied States is quickly becoming an episode of Hardcore Pawn. It is up to you whether or not you want to be one of the owners, one of the employees, or one of the customers.

The Left infantilizes adults and steals the childhood from children

Science is Man’s way of trying to explain the rules and workings of God’s universe.

Keep on Freepin' On!!!


AFFIRMATIVE FICTION: n A situation where a minority "victim" falsely accuses a white male "perpetrator" of committing a "hate" crime based on the victim's race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or yet-to-be-determined and/or categorized victim group status.
Affirmative fiction is usually followed by overblown, overhyped media coverage (due to the media's negative views of American society) and grandstanding by public figures, usually to the detriment of the alleged perpetrator's reputation. (re: Steven Pagones) Affirmative fiction is usually and eventually discovered as such, but: 1.)victim status is preserved for the minority, 2.)a spectre of doubt and distrust forever hangs over the head of the accused, and 3.)The media prints a retraction somewhere in the Classified section of the newspaper. TV and radio forgo that inconvenience altogether. (At this point, the earliest recorded use of the term "Affirmative Fiction" I could find could be found in the March 1997 issue of Vibe magazine titled " Affirmative fiction: Hollywood's recent flood of interracial buddy flicks imagines a world where we're all just getting along" by Craigh Barboza, although that term was not used as it was in the definition above) AFFIRMATIVE FICTION: When a fake “hate crime” gets favorable treatment by the news media over real, legitimate news, based on the correctness of its politics, rather than the character of its content.

CRAPITALISM The a.) act of outsourcing ones production or b.)the act of purchasing inferior, dangerous, or even toxic, food or consumer products from a foreign source to sell to one's host nation for marginal profit at the expense of the consumer's health, safety, and security.

FREE TRAITORS People who practice Crapitalism.