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Since Sep 17, 2007

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I grew up as a left wing lap-dog Lennon devotee who drank the kool aid on anything the left embraced, but living in D.C. during the Carter admininstration cured me.

I worked at the Washington Star in the early 80’s, and left work the day Reagan announced hs candidacy to head over to the Hart Senate Building to get there early enough to be in the greeting line. I got to shake his hand and I told him with more conviction than I’d ever felt that he was going to win. He held my hand for a second, looked me straight in the eye, and said, “With people like you, I know I will”.

There were a lot of people like me who believed. A lot of us still do.

I have been a Reagan conservative ever since. I believe in his clarity of vision, and the power of personal conviction in being able to identify the clear difference between right and wrong.