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Everyone needs to vent now and then United 93 (updated)

United 93

Below is the stuff I stuck on the page while experimenting with the new format, so pay no attention. I've NEVER known what to stick on this page anyway.

Humble analyst of everything, artist, bartender, rabid free market capitalist, dedicated socioanthropologist, insulter of terrorists, tyrants, cooked politicians and media propaganda.

Hater of the UN and all of the suffering it's corruption causes. Every terrorist organization on the planet points to some UN resolution or other to justify acts of mass murder. Don't get me started on the Oil for Food scam and weapons inspectors.

Dedicated pusher of commonsense timber management, which results in healthier forests, better wildlife habitat, wonderful uses for true outdoor lovers of all stripes AND, last but not least, guarantees this important renewable resource will continue in abundance in perpetuety. In it's national form, it's known as the Healthy Forests Iniative.

Hubby and I are both first responders, don't think we need gubmint salaries and ALREADY HAVE RADIOS.
Works pretty good. Good job...uh...JimRob? Is he the programmer?