Caged in Canuckistan
Since Sep 27, 2004

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My name is Sean Phelan. I'm a bit of freak, actually. I have a degree in English literature from York University (one of the most leftist institutions in the glad I don't have to go there anymore). I play bass in several bands, ranging from ambient to industrial to solid alternative rock. And, oh yeah, I am right wing as hell, hate government intrusion (unless when it's for the purposes of national defence) and I believe that the US is the greatest country in the world today (although I love my homeland, Canada, and can never see myself leaving).

We have an enemy to defeat, and cannot afford such niceties as welfare, multiculturalism, and public everything. So don't worry, in many ways I am insanely right wing, I just happen to come from north of the border. Thank you.