Since Nov 3, 2000

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Longtime lurker

Webmaster and website designer.

Former webmaster: Homepage for Radio host Steve Malzberg at W0R 710 AM New York

The counter-revolution has begun

Cacique is the Carib and Taino word meaning "Paramount Chief". It was adopted by the Spaniards as the word to describe all Amerindian chiefs. It has also come to mean "boss". It was my father's nickname since Argentina and I took it as my internet name after he passed away.

Protesting at a rally in New York City during the election debacle Nov. 2000

Freep in front of the Supreme Court building, inauguration day 2001.

At the Freeper Inauguration Ball 2001. Rev. Jesse Peterson on my right, James Golden (AKA Bo Snerdly) on my left.

Pretty in Pink, me and Steve Malzberg at WABC studios.

At a recent freep in New York, counter protesting the peaceniks.

Meeting Michelle Malkin at a book signing in New York 12/06/2002.

Me and Mark Levin "The Great One" at CPAC 2003.

Me and Curtis Sliwa at a Pro Troops Rally at the United Nations NY March, 2003.

Me and Brett Schundler at a Pro Troops Rally in Times Square, March, 23, 2003.

Niger Innis, Me and Roy Innis during the Republican Convention 2004.

Anne Coulter at the FReeper NY Holiday Party January 2, 2005.

Only decent recent picture that actually looks like me.

My recently acquired license plate, since NY state forced me to get a new one.

Memories from my youth, Cacique Patoruzú and his loyal steed Pampero.

All photos © 2001-2005 Frank M. Pohole All rights reserved.
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Someone I used to know a long time ago was Niamh Duignan. It's pronounced Neve for you non Irish out there. Wonder if Niamh Duignan will ever find this page or Bay Ridge or Sunset Park in Brooklyn again? She married a diplomat six years ago. Is Niamh Ann Duignan still married to someone named Ed Cannon? Does she have kids? Is her married name Niamh Cannon or Niamh Ann Cannon now? What is she doing these days? Questions, questions. It's amazing what you find on the internet if you type a few words in Google. Democrats and liberalism are evil !! Liberty is an inaliable right, as is life and breathing.

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