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OK, OK, I'll finally post something here:

Former Username: Bush_Democrat
Yes, it's true, I was a democrat when I joined, here, but a true Democrat-In-Name-Only, and a Reagan Democrat. That was the genesis of my name. I had lurked for quite a while, but signed up during those long, evil days of the Florida aftermath, sick in my heart at what the rat's were trying to do to this country. After 9/11, I finally saw the light, and changed my party registration. I posted my first vanity about it here: I Finally Made The Switch (To Republican)

Love the Zot threads: Love the Viking Kitties (we have 3 of them)
and love the DUmmieFUnnies by PJComix

But our greatest love of all is the FReeper Cruises!!! Don't miss the next one!

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