Since Dec 28, 2005

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So you want to know about me?

SUPERMOM I'm a Stay-At-Home/Work-At-Home/Homeschooling Mom

With two wonderful, outstanding, best in the world kids!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

 We live on a small farm in NW MO

I am a CONSERVATIVE first and foremost.


I am very active in my local and state the Republican Party.


I believe the only way to rid the party of RINOs is to elect Conservatives.

We cannot win the battle from the outside. You must get involved with the Party.RINOs SUCK!

We must fight to install real Conservatives in our local, state and federal government.

Great strides were made in 2010, do not stop now!

Run for office. Volunteer on Conservative campaigns! Get to know your elected officials and hold them accountable!

YOU can make a difference!

Get to work!

My other passion isNASCAR

That is where my screen name comes from BUSCHBABY

Don't bother writting me to tell me my driver sucks. I've heard it a million times from a million people. He is my favorite and there is nothing you can say to change my mind.
Think of it as a supporting the under-dog kinda thing. I hate to see people treated unfairly and if ever there was someone the MSM has treated unfairly it is Kurt Busch. I figure other conservatives would understand this, since we are treated the same way by the press....but I guess it isn't so.

My Guy

2004 Nextel Champion - Kurt Busch