Since Mar 29, 1998

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Registered as a Democrat (against my dad's advice) before the 1960 election to vote for JFK. Shortly afterward I really began paying attention to politics and realized just how much dems twisted the truth. Over the years I have witnessed the once proud Democrat party embrace true Socialism. I recall my folks talking about this during the days of FDR, but didn't understand just how much change had taken place until the days of LBJ. Moved to Arkansas in 1984 and actually voted for WJBC for Governor ONCE. I readily admit I fell for his "sincerity" line. The Democrat Party under WJBC has RAPIDLY moved toward Socialism. I recommend everyone read the "TEN PLANKS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO" to see just how close we are to Socialism. I registered (as a Democrat) to run against Congressman Jay Dickey (R) in the 2000 Arkansas election. However when I questioned party officials on the ultimate goal of the Democrat Party, the answer frightened me so that I abandoned the race. The TEN PLANKS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO were listed as the goal!