Buddy Sorrell
Since Jan 29, 2012

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I will only vote for conservatives. I will not vote for moderates. Moderates/RINOs have aided and abetted the Democrat Party in the destruction of this country.

Things I like: Ronald Reagan, the New York Yankees, Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Franklin, pre-Bailout Mopars, J Press, Lord Chesterfield Ale, Joe DiMaggio, Campari, coal-oven pizza, Evelyn Waugh, AC Cobras, The Spectator, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Abraham Lincoln, PJ Clarke's on Third Ave, small towns, the New York Rangers, Fulton Sheen, Fred Allen, barbecue, Van Halen, Jack Purcells, Sinatra, Deneuve, oxford button-downs, potato chips fried in lard, White Castle, khakis, Peanut Butter, small government, Red Wing boots, Jeeps, The Ramones (Johnny was The Man), the Dick Van Dyke Show, Eli Manning, Bob Grant, Sheepshead Bay, crossing over the Potomac into West Virginia, Jaegermeister, Calvin Coolidge, Rocky Marciano, Inter Milan, chili, PG Wodehouse, Jose Mourinho, Mises, Glock, John Deere, The Smithereens, Levi's, pre-1970 Schwinn bicycles, Rockford Files, Vic & Sade, Mark Levin, boxing, Breyer's Vanilla, baseball caps and beautiful women.

Things I can't stand: Marxism, McCain, McCain's daughter, Jimmy Carter, Hippies, Nazis, Mounds, the Boston Red Sox (except Ted Williams - the real-life John Wayne), eggs, power ballads, the Toyota Prius, Prius drivers, mustard, network news, Sarah Jessica Parker (as Bob Grant once said, "Who decided that this broad was good-looking?"), Van Hagar, leaving West Virginia, Woodrow Wilson, folk music, ricotta cheese, the Upper West Side, minivans, Nike (yeah, they make Jack Purcells now. I know. I know), the poorly-groomed, The New York Times, skiing, golf, golf on tv, people who talk about watching golf on tv, Barbara Streisand, reality television, the nanny state, Fatty Boy Al Gore, Rafa Benitez, "conservatives" for Romney, Diane Sawyer, orange marmalade, Journey (and, any rock group where the singer wears or wore robes), polyester, MLS, government schools, drinks with umbrellas, the Philadelphia Flyers, Juventus, speed limits and royalty.