Since Feb 12, 2000

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I'm a Para-Lawyer and proud graduate of Big Earl's College of Law and Automotive Mechanics. I've been duly licensed to practice law by the Republic of Texas.

I operate my lawyer office out of a Chevy up on blocks in the back of the parking lot of Big Earl's Bar just outside Dime Box, Texas. I access Free Republic on my 286 PC attached to a black and white television (all of which is plugged into the cigarette lighter in the Chevy).

DISCLAIMER. This ain't actually a picture of my lawyer office. It takes too long to upload a photo on my 2400 baud modem so I clipped this one off of some other guy's website. Lots of law firms have classy looking generic office pictures on their websites and when you show up their real offices are dumps.

I'm not quite as good looking as either of the guys in this photo and my office isn't quite as classy looking, but it gives me something to aspire to.