Since Jun 4, 1999

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As a Jewish conservative, actually more of an individualist, I often find myself standing alone on issues. I am a proud member of JPFO and my wife of SAS. My founding heroes are Thomas Jefferson (for his words and individualist thought), Patrick Henry (same reasons), and Benjamin Franklin (for his humor as well as all else). I do not often post comments and most articles I find are already posted (I'm really slow at HTML formatting) so I am not often seen on the boards. My wife and my major interests are Second Amendment, Privacy and Private Property, Middle East, Individual Freedom, and the over-reaching of our bloated government and its accompanying bureaucracy.

I have a blog that I post most but not all the articles here at Free Republic. Out of courtesy for the family nature and to avoid excessive controversy, I keep my more inflamitory or controversal posts limited to my blog, Beyond the Cusp. I welcome people to come read and comment at BTC. Comments are moderated for reasons any blogger can witness to.


Thank You

Brian Saunders (aka Beyond the Cusp)