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Since Aug 20, 2012

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Whatta you lookin' at?

About me: Husband, Father, Scientist (Ret.), Inventor, Author, Patriot, Smartass.

Some former and perhaps future tag lines:

Bringing deadly viruses out of caves and into labs doesn't prevent pandemics, it causes them.

Liberalism is the art of taking what works, breaking it, then blaming Conservatives.

Liberals will say anything to advance their agenda TODAY, even if it is the opposite of what they said yesterday.

The only black lives that matter to BLM are those ended by whites.

DemocRATS identify their enemies, target them, organize supporters, have strategy meetings, develop action plans, and ACT on them. The GOP does NONE of that. They are purely reactive.

The DemocRAT party hates America and wants to destroy it. The Republican Party is full of clueless cowards and do nothings.

People have never complied their way out of tyranny.

The DemocRATS tell us that we cannot coexist. Listen, and prepare accordingly.

Twitter is the new Goebbels.

The Left hates Conservatives like the Nazis hated the Jews.