Since Jun 16, 2004

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If you read this little profile, drop me a personal msg to let me know. Thanks!

Live in central Pennsylvania, about an hour’s drive from State College, which attended back when Joe Paterno was the new head coach.

Education includes history and business. History is a hobby, always enjoy those discussions.

Work includes Vietnam era military, and now 35 years in large and small business.

Family all grown up, with families of their own.

Life is sweet — “semi-retired”: some days less tired, some days more tired, some days re-tired... ;-)

Oh, and btw, “BroJoe” refers to the fact that some of my brothers also post here. No, we don’t always agree! ;-0

Finally, if you are looking for a handle on just where "BroJoeK" is coming from, in brief it's this: here to defend an original constitutionalist interpretation of history, which is not always the same as we hear from libertarians, constitutionalists or "paleo-conservatives" in this sense: do support smaller, more limited government, but also a strong-enough national defense.
In today's world, "strong-enough" means: pretty d*mn strong. Let all our wars be "away games."

On religion, my views correspond pretty close with those of most of our Founding Fathers.

Oh, and my tag-line, "A little historical perspective..." is reduced from the original by deleting: "...can prevent a lot of political insanity."
The second part is now unsaid because it's unnecessary to make the point.
Have occasionally considered changing to some new, more pointed tag-line, but so far have not found one I like better.