Bob Wills is still the king
Since Mar 4, 2024

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I am a Son of the American Revolution, and a 5th generation Republican. Even with that, my first vote in a presidential election was for John Schmitz, a real conservative and standard bearer for the American Independent Party in 1972.

In those days, I was the youngest member in my chapter of the John Birch Society, and developed my understanding of our Constitution, limited government, and ordered liberty from my exposure to many real conservative authors and speakers. While my friends read Hot Rod and Surfer magazines, I was reading American Opinion from cover to cover. Cleon Skousen, John Stormer, and Gary Allen were friends and JBS associates of my father and uncle, having dinner at our home when any of them were in town.

I’m a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, with service in the Strategic Air Command as a SSGT (AFSC 46350).

I still believe in conservatism, but believe my party and many of its members have forgotten what we have stood for.