Bob Celeste
Since Mar 29, 1998

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I am a White Christian Nationalist!

What is a White Nationalist.....

“Pay Very Very Close Attention to the Term “White Nationalist”

And ask yourself... “What exactly IS a White Nationalist?”

Obviously, it is a white person who is also a Nationalist. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with either one.
President Trump himself, is a White Nationalist. As are a huge percentage of his supporters.

But what the media is busy doing, is using the term “White Supremacist” and “White Nationalist” in the very same newscasts, interchangeably. Most people I know haven’t caught onto to this very DELIBERATE technique of brainwashing.

I, myself, am a “White Nationalist”. But am I a “White Supremacist? Not even close.

But the media wants all of the brain numbed lemmings to associate anyone who is white, and a Nationalist, with the KKK, or White Supremacists. When the two have NOTHING to do with each other.

A White Nationalist, is simply a white person who believes in putting America (in this case) FIRST.

There are plenty of Russian “White Nationalists” too, only they believe in putting Russia FIRST. It by NO means indicates that they are some kind of White Supremacist, or any other assorted racist bigot.

Nationalists are the blood enemy of the Globalist NWO. So naturally, their minions, the Talking Whores in the Mainstream Media, are using this power of association to brainwash the gullible (of which there are MILLIONS) into equating White Nationalists with White Supremacists.

You can be sure that any march or rally of Nationalists, will include Soros funded shills and provocateurs, posing as White Supremacists, as was the case in Virginia.

These people are used to continue making conservatives (and NWO aware people), stay at home and stay in the closet, so to speak.

The reason that the Right does not organize the way the Left does, is because the Left have become masters of demonizing the Right, into submission.

And that is EXACTLY what you’re see going on right now, with the media’s use of the term “White Nationalist”. Their goal is to SHAME Trump supporters. And I’ve heard that exact word used by many of the Talking Whores in the media today.

SHAME on you “White nationalists”, even though there is NOTHING “shameful” about being White, or a Nationalist.

But the globalists want to associate Trump supporters with Supremacists, and paint them as “racists”.
Trying (like Hillary did) to shame the “deplorables”, by mis-characterizing them.”

~a friend posted and I have permission to share. So share if you care.