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Hi! My name is Bill. I just turned 30 and I started freeping before it was cool! I’m a long time veteran of FR a lifelong resident of the Land o’ Lincoln (no it’s not “Obama’s” home state, he moved here after getting out of law school and I’ve never been to Kenya or Indonesia) .

I hold a B.A. in Film/Video from Columbia, with a minor in Interactive Media, and I’m getting an additional A.A. certification in computer animation at the end of 2010. I create pamphlets and brochures, custom DVD & CD edits, artwork & illustrations, and I’m currently self-employeed in freelance photo restoration and digital effects. Please visit my website at if you need anything done with your treasured family pictures. Mention you’re a freeper for a special discount! :-)

My demo reel is here .

Like Teddy Roosevelt, I don’t believe in hyphenated-Americanism. In terms of ancestry I’m a good German/Italian/Scot-Irish/English/Dutch/Indiginious Indian mix. More importantly, I am an AMERICAN ;-) My views are generally conservative, although I agree with Libertarians on many economy views. I am neither paleo-conservative or neo-conservative. I’m religious but I am not a member of the “religious right” and I do not support candidates on the basis of who my pastor supports or what position my church takes. I am a traditional conservative – on facebook I call myself a “Calvin Coolidge Republican” because I think was the President closest to my own views, with Ronald Reagan a close second. I am a card-carrying member of my local township Republican organization, as well as a Republican precinct captain, but I have never voted a straight party ticket in my life and I never will. In short, I consider myself American first, conservative second, and Republican third.

My senior Senator is BIG DICK Durbin. My Congressman is the great Bobby “black panther” Rush My commissioner on the county board is former doo-wop singer Jerry “Iceman” Butler, who gave us the highest sales tax in the nation and lives nowhere near me because he’s from the lakefront on the eastern edge of the city. Although the local region *I* live in is controlled by Republicans, I’m gerrymandered into “safe Democrat” districts and given Chicago goons as my “representation”. Since they ignore suburban constituents, I basically have no voice on the county or federal level. My elected officials are probably guaranteed to be re-elected even if 100% of my town voted against them. And you thought YOU had bad representation in government?


Remember, remember the second of November
Democrat, treason and plot.
I see no reason, why Democrat treason
Should ever be forgot.

I urge all good freepers to excise your right to VOTE! America is a democratic republic (sorry all you freepers who argue with the dictionary definition and believe "we're not a democracy", you're wrong). People in other nations die for the right to vote. Chicago Democrats, despite their party name, are notorious UNdemocratic and have installed a one-party monarcy. It's up to us to combat DemonRat voter fraud and hold our government accountable.

Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY)


For several yearss now, I have been flying the 35-star UNION flag from the civil war era on my profile. Personally, I think this 140 year old flag belongs in a museum, since it is a historic item no longer in use. However, since some Freepers insist on flying the CONFEDERATE flag from 140 years ago, it's only fair to even the score. Shouldn't we ALL be allowed to showcase our "hertiage"???


I've also decided to start keeping track of all the threads I create. Here's some for starters (more will be added later):

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A long time ago, in a period far, far, away... Illinois had REAL Governors:


Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, and Ronald Reagan

And two of those called my state home-

Presidents who were our native sons

U.S. Grant ____ Abraham Lincoln, ____ Ronald Reagan
of ----------------------- of ------------------------ of
Galena, IL ----------- Springfield, IL ---------- Dixon, IL
(Photo taken from Mural at Presidential Inn in Lee County, Ill.)

"The Pope is against your war, Mr. Bush! The Pope! He says it's a SIN. Once you've got the Pope against you, you're through. "
-- Michael Moore

"When the sacredness of life before birth is attacked, we will stand up and proclaim that no one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life. The most important case involving the first commandment of ‘You shall not kill’ is when it refers to innocent human beings. This is especially so when it refers to defenseless, weak, human beings such as an unborn child or infant. The taking of an innocent life, especially at it’s beginning or end, is gravely immoral. This direct and voluntary action will always be regarded as morally evil and can never be considered as necessary, either as an end, or as means to a good end".
-- Pope John Paul II

"Now [it's] twice as hard for a woman in America to obtain an abortion as it was when Clinton took office. Gore believes in a woman’s right to choose, and Bush does not. Doctors are so scared for their lives because of anti-abortion terrorists, that in 86% of the counties in the United States a woman can't get an abortion. The real issue with abortion is that under Clinton/Gore, they have not PROSECUTED the anti-abortion terrorists the way that they SHOULD have."
-- Michael "hypocrite" Moore

You will be missed, Senator. Our best leader since Ev Dirksen!


Have you meet the Dixiecrats Icon?

---------------------------------------------------- </font color> -- BillyBoy