Since Mar 28, 1998

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UPDATE 7/2003: To God be the glory, I just graduated from 2 yrs in Bible college after a call into ministry. This fight for truth happens on many fronts. I'll apprentice one more year then apply for ordination.
Also need to let you know that the mention below of the Grand-daddy spreadsheet is too old - gone, no more - since I've changed ISP's a couple times - sorry, maybe it's for the best. If anyone really wants it I can email it to you.

OLD NEWS: I'm a happy fellow Freeper from a few years back. The '98 March For Justice, while a serious fight for justice/impeachment, was an awesome and inspiring time to interact w/fellow Freepers. Since then I've had my ups and downs, being a little burnt out by the impeachment fight (I was the local JBS chapter "Impeach Clinton Now" representative), and being threatened by goons (not happy with my looking into some connections), I took a break from it all, including FR.

But now, with a new fight for justice I'm back, and hoping to help and educate in any way.

I applaud this site for an opportunity to seek the truth and spread it to the world. This matches my Christian belief that truth can withstand being out in the light, but lies crumble in the sun. Let's bring things out in the open, into the light.

I highly recommend the 11/28/98 post "Grand Daddy Cross Ref" which has some spreadsheets showing many inter-connections in the scandolous Clinton history. Admittedly not a full spreadsheet, which pales in comparison to Alamo Girl's, much appreciated and applauded legacy listing.
But, it was probably this one that got me in trouble: "Rockefellers: Whitewater Banking, ADFA Bonds, CFR Connections."

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