Since Aug 30, 2006

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I have conceived Bethaneidh as a Viking ghost maiden.

It seems that she was the only sister of a number of stout fellows who operated a popular Mead-Hall. She sang there in perfect safety until a certain Viking Event...She had come along in a sort of OSO to encourage the troops. Viking Military Command was practical: She had a skill as well.

One day after a battle, it happened that a swat of, ah, Hemoglobic material swatted her eyes, temporarily blinding her. She continued on, being ever so slightly compulsive. Whosoever she bumped into, she palpitated, and finding raw flesh, stuffed it with healing Stuff, effecting a number of Healing Miracles.

Unbeknownst to her, she had stumbled into a place where Christians had been wounded. It subsequently occurred that someone, misunderstanding her actions, took her head.

She thus by some means became the only Viking lass in Heaven (or at least on her Block of it). She does still appear on earth as a nebulous blonde with enormous feet (understimulated for not being needed-- she floats, you see).