Since Sep 29, 2004

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Nationality: American

Ethnic Background: W.A.S.P. (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)

Religion: Independent Protestant with Jewish leanings. You could call me a modern-day Ebionite.

Date of Birth: January 7, 1959

Place of Birth: San Luis Obispo, California, USA, home of excellent white wines and Weird Al Yankovic.

Current Residence: Moved to Lexington, KY in May 2006, after forty years in central Florida.

Occupation: Technical writer.

Likes: History is my life, I've been interested in it for more than 40 years. Besides that and (of course) politics, other interests include computers/the Internet, strange music, astronomy, science fiction.

Dislikes: Internet trolls, spammers, smoking, people who talk everywhere on cell phones or who won't control their kids, and stupidity in general.

Political View: Neo-Conservative, a member of the so-called "Religious Right."

Favorite Groups and Singers: I'm a world music/reggae fan. Try Burning Spear, Yulduz Usmanova, Hassan Hakmoun, Cheb Khaled, Ofra Haza, and Huun-Huur-Tu for a start. I'm particularly interested in Rai, and anything with throat-singing (khoomei) or didgeridoos.

Favorite Colors: Green, the color of life.

Favorite Dish: Anything hot & spicy gets my attention, like a fiery curry.

Favorite Proverb: "Nothing truly great is achieved through moderation," by M.A.R. Barker, a retired Urdu language professor and creator of the game "Empire of the Petal Throne."

Favorite Movies: The Gods Must be Crazy, HAWMPs!, The Star Wars and Star Trek series (though I haven't seen all of the latter yet), Lord of the Rings (the Peter Jackson version, not the awful cartoon by Ralph Bakshi or the somewhat better one from Rankin-Bass).

A Biblical Interpretation of World History

My world history textbook is now available. Click on the book cover above to place orders, or click on the link below to find out more about it first.

A Biblical Interpretation of World History

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