Since Mar 24, 1999

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Texas is my home. I would not want to live anyplace else. I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout the United States and witness firsthand the absolute beauty and diversity of our country, along with the amazing people.

My family is strong in supporting our military. My father served in the Navy with pride and distinction . He was an amazing man. My husband is the third generation of Navy in his family. He served twenty-three years as a physician/surgeon before entering private practice for an additional twenty-years. He is now retired. My brother served in the Marine Corps with pride and distinction. He gave his life for our country. My son served in the Marine Corps with pride and distinction (Marine of the Year)... He is now the Chief Pilot for the police department of a major city.

I had a career in Marine Science until my husband asked me if I could help him in his office while he replaced some staff. That few weeks turned into twenty-years! I am thankful I could help him. We have always enjoyed being together.

I pray the upcoming election gives us President Trump. Our country needs someone strong, and someone who has belief in our ability to turn things around.