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Freeperisms or Freeponics

2006 FREEREPUBLIC LEXICON (Lingo, Dictionary, Lore Handbook).

Here are a couple of threads to look for definitions on - one started by myself with much remorse later:

Freeper Lingo Thread (the history and meening of 'Freepisms' including pictures)

Lexicon of FreeRepublic - 4th Edition

The 2009 FreeRepublic Lexicon
AKA "The Freepism, Freepology, Lingo, Dictionary, Terminology, Lore Handbook"

A revised and condensed version of The Lexicon of FreeRepublic, culled from Lexicon of FreeRepublic - 4th Edition and Freeper Lingo Thread (the history and meening of 'Freepisms' including pictures). Thanks to the many Freepers who contributed, especially Bugbear and Risky Schemer, the originators of the first lexicon! (see also The 2008 FreeRepublic Lexicon)

I have attempted to include all definitions and histories provided to me and give credit to those who provided me the information. I apologize, in advance to those I failed to credit, but please understand that it was very difficult to keep up with all the updates in lexicon threads. If you feel someone needs to be credited, please let me know along with supporting links etc.

Tip to Users: It would be advisable to use your browser's "search" function to find the term etc you are looking for, due to the length of this document and 'bleed over' in categories (ie terms could go in Lore, Glossary, and/or Pictures/Images) which may not have been cross-referenced. It would be advisable, at times, to use a partial word/sentence search to find what you are looking for.

FreeRepublic Glossary

2 thubs up - based on a funny typo in a thread title that the mods have since changed: [THUBS] THUMBS UP (thanks, martin_fierro)

24 business hours - comes from PJ-Comix. regarding the forthcoming indictment of Karl Rove. First reports from DU reports were that Rove had been indicted, and had 24 hours to arrange his affairs before it would be made public. After that time had elapsed, they changed it to 24 business hours. (thanks, mwave and SoothingDave)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us (AYBABTU) - From a bad translation of a Japanese video game. Usually refers to some form seemingly hostile take over that may require a tin foil hat. See: dinasour and Gantz. Quotes from the video game such as "what you say" "main screen turn on" "someone set up us the bomb" are usually added to threads to illustrate the poster's poor grasp of the English language or logic.

Alpha Freeper - Top tier Freeper who can post most anything and draw dozens of replies from other alpha Freepers.

America The Right Way - another daily thread title, representing America freed from the Clintons. Was formerly "America Held Hostage" with a daily countdown until the end of the Clinton Administration.

Anti-Freeper - See Freeper Lore.

Arec Barwin - See Arec Barwin in Freeper Pictures/Images

Arkancide = Mysterious death that somehow manages to happen to former friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Usually ruled a "suicide" by the "controlling legal authorities" that happen to be conducting the investigation. Usually the body is found with all the fixin's; suicide note (in two or more handwriting styles), unregistered handgun (sometimes in a different caliber than the one the "suicide" was accomplished using), and "air-tight" alibis passed around like free popcorn.

Arkansas Dirt Nap - a synonym of Arkancide.

Asbestos Underwear - what one is admonished to don when flaming (see "flame") is thought to be imminent.

ASH ALERT - See Freeper Lore.

BAHOG - Short for Big Ass Hunk of Gold. Used on numerous threads where certain dubious "financial prognosticators" were predicting either 1) the collapse of the fiat money system and a return to the Gold standard; 2) the collapse of the U.S housing market and a return to the Gold standard; 3) the collapse of the U.S stock market and a return to the Gold standard; etc. (thanks to martin_fierro)

Barack Hussein Obama II - 44th POTUS AKA BHO, 0bama (note the number "0"), Zero (reference to Obama logo), TOTUS, Bambi, Barry, Barack Milhous Obama (middle name substituted with Nixon's by Mark Levin based on Obama's sensitivity to his middle name and the left's derrisive use of Nixon's).

Barf Alert - hold onto your lunch, you ain't gonna like this. Usually included in a thread title if the article which follows is nauseatingly biased or transparently manipulative.

BARF method - The method that Al Gore tried to become president By Arbitary Recount Fraud

Barbra Streisand - euphemism for Bull S***

Barbeque Pit A huge wild life reserve created from land stolen from farmers to grow lots of trees that will one day become a huge wild fire roasting the wild life it was meant to conserve. (eg: Darby Refuge)

Bed Wetting News -- News about something a candidate did over a decade ago that was not a felony. (i.e. cheap dirt). This was coined when George W. Bush was peed on by the press for having a DUI 15 years ago.

beeber (beeber like object) - see the thread that started it all: Would like freeper help (apologies to al baby)

Better put some ice on that - A quote attributed to Clinton by Juanita Broaddrick. It is reportedly what Clinton said to Broaddrick as he was donning sunglasses and leaving her hotel room after his [alleged] rape of her, advising her to start treating her bitten, swollen, bleeding lip. Another phrase that is often used sarcastically.

Big time - see Clymer

Bitter Clinger - Anyone who cares about the Second Amendment, religion, and immigration law and doesn't turn to big government to solve personal problems. References a closed-door fundraiser speech Obama gave to elites in San Fransisco where he stated (regarding small town Pennsylvanians and economic hardship): "...So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations..."

Black helicopter crowd - These were once lumped in with contrail and tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists. The theory was that the government had special ops forces who were training in urban areas for urban military incursions using special unmarked black helicopters. Frequently little animated GIF pictures of black helicopters would be posted to denote a "wacko". Only in this case, with hard evidence and reports of actual training missions (such as the one in Texas some months back), the "wackos" turned out to be right. On this one anyway. ;)

Blog Pimp (blogpimp) - An individual whose activity on FR consists solely of posting entries from his/her personal blog. Often used as a "keyword".

BOR - Short for FoxNews "bloviator" Bill O'Reilly. Sometimes used as a derrisive term by those who are unimpressed by him and, especially, after his attack on FR for being a hate site, in what appeared as an attempt to find a conservative site (despite feeble evidence) to bash after, deservedly, denoting leftwing (DU and Daily KOS) sites as hate filled (plenty of evidence).

Borked -- similar to "fostered." Proper name now used as a verb to indicate that what happened to the namesake is now happening again to another person. Just as "fostered" refers to "murder-made-to-appear-a-suicide," borked refers to a person whose reputation is trashed and whose lifetime work achievements and positions on issues are distorted in the public forum in order to deny that person (eminently qualified) a job or an appointment to a position. The term originated from the successful Democratic trashing of Judge Robert Bork during confirmation hearings when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.

Braking news - misspelling of Breaking News by excited freepers. Used to poke fun at something that should never be in the "Breaking News" section.

Brigadiers - Pat Buchanan supporters. Coined from "Buchanan Brigade". See "Patsies".

Broken Glass Republican: 1. A Republican who will "crawl across broken glass" to vote against Albert Gore, Jr. (or any Democrat, for that matter). Coined by lonepalm in 2000 (see: Broken Glass Republican) 2. Democrats were shooting at Republican offices just before the last Presidential election - breaking the windows. Their bulleyboy tactics were likened to "KristelNacht": - hence the expression "we're Broken Glass Republicans!" - we survived the Democrat Terror (such as it was!). The second definition began in 2004 (thanks, agere_contra and hadit2here)

Bubba - William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

Bubba the Love Sponge: Also applied to Clinton, this term probably was taken from a disc jockey who used it as his on-air name long before Clinton was a national figure. BEELZEBUBBA, KRINTONG, and CLINTIGULA, also are used as synonyms for TRIPOTUS. (See FR acronyms).

Bump is used when someone wants to post a reply to a thread simply to "bump" it back to the top of the "Latest Posts" list so more visitors will see it. See also BTTT in the acronyms section.

Bush bot - see Bushie

Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) - is a political term coined by the American conservative political columnist Charles Krauthammer, a Harvard-trained former psychiatrist, in a 2003 column. It refers to a purported tendency by some to blame President George W. Bush for matters for which he is not responsible. The term has been used in newspaper columns and editorials, on talk radio and FOX News, and in the conservative Blogosphere. Krauthammer defined BDS as “the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency—nay—the very existence of George W. Bush”.[2] The term reflects a belief that some criticisms of President Bush—for example, a description of President Bush as the greatest current threat to American lives—are of emotional origins rather than based on facts or logic. (from a Wikipedia entry)

Bushie -- A Bush supporter. Sometimes used in a derogatory or provocative fashion.

Bush's Fault - left constantly blames Bush, thus anything can be "Bush's fault".

Carnivore - the FBI's e-mail snoop system. Lots of pattyfingers being played over how much and how often snooping is going on. See Echelon.

Chad - the little pieces of paper that pop out of a ballot when punched by a stylus when voting. Come in many fanciful varieties, including hanging, dangling, dimpled, and pregnant.

Chad Vote - A synthetic vote created by claiming something like "This chad has a small (almost invisible) mark on it, so the voter meant to vote for Gore"

Chaos! - term originated from Operation Chaos (see Glossary). Typically refers to particularly damaging liberal infighting and, less frequently, strategic acts by conservatives to stoke the infighting.

Cheese - From Lazamataz: "One day someone posted a really stupid one-line vanity thread. Out of nowhere, OWK said he really liked cheese. I chimed in with the Cheese Shop sketch from monty python, and then someone -- going along the monty python theme -- posted the opening to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That contains the moose references." OWK and I are guilty."

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys - the French (originated from a Simpson's episodein which Scottish character Groundskeeper Willie used it to describe them).

Chuck Robb - To puke, Chuck Rob was well known for doing some nasty things with women, another sicko democrat like Bill Clinton and Teddy K.

CDS - Clinton Death Squad -- thugs on a Clinton payroll to make sure no one talks. They may to be connected to the Dixie Mafia.

Clam - As in, "Everybody remain clam!. nopardons confessed to being the originator

Clingons - Clinton appointees who were made into bureaucrats at the end of the Cliton admin to prevent them from being removed by the incoming Bush admin (thanks, piasa)

Clinquant - Used as another term for the Clintons, those of similar character, or expressing such characteristics. Among the meanings of the word were: fake, cheat, sham, fraud, phony, impostor. Originally proposed and posted by beyond the sea.

Clymer - When George W. Bush made a private remark to running mate Dick Cheney (Cheney responded "Big time"), referring to a New York Times reporter (Adam Clymer) as an "@sshole", The remark was picked up by an open mike. Consequently, "Clymer" has become a synonym for the word, much as "Lewinsky" has become a synonym for a, well... Lewinsky. "Big Time” is now a term of endearment for Vice President Cheney.

Cobra Head Jame Carville aka serpent head, known for spinning nasty stories against conservatives. A real snake in the grass but married to Conservative leaning Mary Matalin (go Figure).

Contrails (aka chemtrails) and Art Bell -- according to contrail theorists, those condensing water-vapor trails behind high altitude aircraft are actually chemical bombardment trails. Art Bell is a late night radio talk show host whose show focused on many such things as contrails, alien visitors, remote viewing, black helicopters, crop circles, and on and on.

CPI -- Conservative Political Index, A rating system where points are added or subtracted based on actions, events, and environment surrounding a politician. For example a history of reducing taxes adds 50 points, being disliked by the liberal media gains 100 points, breaking a promise subtracts 30, ect

Crusty or Ol' Crusty - The black pant suit that Hillary always wore.

Deeply Saddened (Tom Daschle) - see the pictures/image section.

Dhimmicrats - Democrats. Name given to them who prefer to appease terrorists and give up the WOT.

Disruptor - a poster who has not come to FR to discuss policies and current events with fellow conservatives, but to "disrupt" the site with provocative, baiting and inflammatory posts. See "Ash", "Judith Hanley" and "Eschoir" in Freeper Lore.

Dixie Mafia -- A group of southern gangsters known for leaving behind lots of dead bodies.

dssssss - Unknown word posted by coffee260 on the dssssss thread. Bunny/pancake pic was posted shortly thereafter (see "Anything w/ pancake" in Freeper Pictures/Images).

Dubya -- 'W' pronounced in Texan. A reference to George W. Bush.

DUmmie (anything DU---) - Democratic Underground troll/disruptor. DUcks is also used for the DU.

DUmmie FUnnies (DUFU) - Regular humor feature satirizing the moonbats of the Looney Left--the "DUmmies" of Democratic Underground, the "KOmmies" of Daily Kos, and the "HUffies" of Huffington Post. The DUFUs were started on September 22, 2004, by PJ-Comix. The DUFU Ping List is the largest on FR, with over 1000 pingees.

EAGLES UP!! A classic freeper battle cry--it has a certain connection with Trixie for helping to popularize it. Probably originating with the picture of an eagle that was on the front page of Freerepublic
Also may be inspired by the following Bible verse:

Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. - Isaiah 40:28-31

Echelon - an NSA system designed to sniff out keywords in email traffic. Has prompted posters to on occasion deliberately insert such keywords into posts, just in case Echelon is listening. See "Carnivore", another surveillance system.

Enemedia - Term coined by FReeper RandallFlagg (Truth on Trial--What you can no longer say about our enemy in the terror war) to better describe the MSM during a late night brainstorming session on October 31, 2005. The term took off on FR and has spread to other sites and blogs. (thanks Just A Nobody)

ESC- Enviromentally Safe Cave, Your Home after you have no electricity due to that Coal burning power plant is shut down to protect the ozone layer. Other provisions may include 6 foot weeds since mowing the lawn may kill an endangered rat.

Fauxtography - false/misleading/staged photography. Prime examples include MSM (AP/Reuters etc) photos during the Israel-Hizbollah conflict in 2006. MSM photographers, increased smoke plume sizes using photo editing programs, staged photos (eg pristine teddy bears w/o a speck of dust on them on building rubble), and propaganda photos set up by Hizbollah 'guides'.

Fake But Accurate - reference to the forged (GW) Bush National Guard documents Dan Rather tried to use. The New York Times subsequently ran a headline entitled "Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate, Typist Says." on September 15, 2004. Now, that's a tough journalistic standard at the NY Slimes! See Buckhead and TankerKC in Lore.

Film Actors' Guild (filmactorsguild) - the term originated on from the film "Team America: World Police" and is used on FR as a keyword for articles/threads related to actors (such as Michael Moore) depicted in the movie. Note: the full name and not the acronym (think about it) is used. In the movie, members of the fictitious organization aid the terrorists. (thanks, weegee)

Fire The Liar - Freeper battle cry to impeach Clinton and remove him from office. It was a unhappy time on FR after his acquittal.

Merry Fitzmas - the results of a special prosecutor's perjury traps. Also used by the lefties to denote a time of excitement when they thought major indictments would be handed out to Cheney and others in the White House over the ultimately pointless 'Plame affair'. Instead, they ended up with Lewis Libby's indictment on a dubiuous perjury charge instead of anything substatively significant to the case. President Bush commutted the subsequent sentance.

flame or flame job: to attack a poster personally on a thread instead of mounting a reasoned critique of the post.

Flying Monkeys -- Refers to the femocratic minions of the talking heads in the liberal media. They are usually sent out to do the dirty work such as smear conservatives.

FOB - Friend of Bill, someone who gets special favors for doing Clintons dirty work, but sometimes end up dead (see CDS)

Forehead, The -- Paul Begala.

Fostered - the verb form of Vince Foster, who committed suicide at Fort Marcy Park during the Whitewater Scandal. See Arkancide. Usage example: "Jim MacDougal [may have been] fostered to prevent him from working with the OIC".

FR Goblin - Little creatures that delay or eat your post/reply.

Fredheads and Frednecks - Fred Thompson supporters

FReep - a coined verb that usually means a FReeper or FReepers protesting someone or something in person. It is also used to describe a mass emailing or online participation - "FReep an internet poll"

Freepathon - Fund raising time here at FR. Pre-FReepathons, we had FReepstuff (jackets, mugs, etc). Badjoe started the FReepathons (thanks Bob J)

FReeper - A registered participant of The first two letters originally were capitalized to indicate FreeRepublic. It was Lucianne Goldberg (see "Trixie" in Freeper Lore) who coined the term.

Freeploader - folks who ride the [Free Republic] train w/o payin the fare (from don-o)

FReepmail - FreeRepublic's internal mail system available to registered users

Freepology - The study of Freepers and their lingo. Defining it all results in beating yourself over the head wondering why you volunteered. As defined by soccer8 (batter).

Freeponics - Freeper lingo (it could be a whole new language!). First used by Risky Schemer. Added as a tribute by soccer8.

Freeriders - People who do not have children.

FRink - Mark Levin devotees who frequent the Levin Lounge. Every time he mentions Free Republic, sings "Kumbaya", gives away Free Government Cheese... (see header on the daily thread for a complete list). (thanks, Jo Nuvark and don-o)

Geriatric Sluts - A group of FReepers (originally: humblegunner, Allegra, TheMom, pax_et_bonum, Xenalyte, Eaker, thackney) and no, they are not geriatric nor sluts. When Allegra comes home to Houston from Iraq, they throw a party. Somewhere along the line, the girls in the group decided to ditch the males for some independent activities. They would meet up on Westheimer (lots of restaurants and bars) and have lunch. One such outing lunch stretched into dinner and later into bar hopping and eventually ended up at breakfast. A ditched humblegunner thought it was "highly irresponsible and prophetically declared that "no good can come of this" and pronounced the whole group of wayward females to be "Geriatric Sluts".

Global Warming anagrams - Algor lambwing, wang b. gorilla, margin glow lab, o grim wall ban, gwb man gorilla etc.

GOE (Gathering Of Eagles) - A push back against the left on the war on terror (specifically Iraq). Veterans Groups, Move America Forward, FreeRepublic, Michelle Malkin, HotAir, etc etc. organized themselves and mobilized to Washington DC to protect various memorials (especially, the Vietnam Memorial) and counter the left, which had defaced memorials in previous war protests, on March 17, 2007 (Iraq War anniversary). Despite having professional PR firms etc involved, the moonbats eked out a paltry 10,000, and were faced by about 30,000 'eagles' (in a rapid grassroots effort). Local GOE rallies were also held in support of the DC rally for those unable to travel to the big show.

Goldbug - someone who swears by the Gold Standard, to a fault.

Gorbal Warming (aka Gore Bull Warning) - Gore, the left, and the MSM (the usual suspects) began beating the global warming drumbeat. Gore, and others went out practically declaring "we're all gonna die!" A frenzied Gore took the fever swamp lead in the matter, hense the name association.

Gore Tax - An extra tax placed on additional phone lines to fund internet use in schools.

Gore War - Election 2000’s litigious aftermath

Goron - n. follower/disciple of discredited political figure and one-time Presidential candidate Albert Gore, Jr. (Also Gorbot)

Guilty/Not Guilty (Guilty. Not Guilty. and misspelled guiTLy) - dedicated juvenile FReepers require pictures of female criminals (especially the saucy school teachers) in order to determine their guilt or innocence. "Not guilty" started out as a term used to identify female statutory rapists with an attractive appearance (ie as a hormone raging teen, one may have considered it their "lucky day"). It has evolved into a term for any attractive female. The misspelling "Guitly" (or guiTLy) is used as another term for "ugly" (attractive perps are "not guiTLY"), and allows posters to describe the accused but not pronounce any type of legal judgement on them. (thanks, Huck, MarineBrat)

Hijacked to Freeper Island -- Used to describe a vanity or annoying thread turned into a humor thread. See the Freeper Lore section.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail - Euphamism (coined by Squidpup) for a politician's philandering in reference to SC Governor Sanford's lame initial excuse for disappearing for days. It turned out he was, ahem, meeting his mistress in Argentina.

Hillary Clinton - The Queen of Darkness, Hillary Rotten Clinton, Hitlery, Her Royal Lowness, Hag-dad Hillary, Her Royal Thighness, Chappaqua Rose, Lady in Pink, Machiavellian Mama, Hildebeast (Hildabeast), Wide Load, Rodham Hussein, Fat Bottomed Girl, Hillarywho, The Red Marxist Queen of the Universe, Pantload Satan's Daughter, UtterFailure, Hillarrhea, HielHitlery, Hilla the Hun, The Lady MacBeth of Little Rock, Mrs. Bent One, Shrillery Antoinette, Ms. Clintigula, Madame Hamhocks, Cankles, She Who Must Not Be Named, Her Crusty Pantsuitness (see also Crusty or Ol' Crusty), Pig in a pantsuit (PIAPS)

Holy Carp! - misspelling of Holy Crap! by Fudd Fan (who turned herself in), typically seen on the Mark Levin threads (thanks Fudd Fan)

Host over the sun - see classygreeneyedblonde in FReeper Lore.

Hugh - misspelling of huge posted on a thread by an excited FReeper. See: Air Force imagery confirms Columbia wing damaged (sorry, leadpenny, LexBaird found the post).

Hunteristas - Hunter supporters

HSW (Hillary’s Secret Warriors)- DNC infiltrators who try to split the base, spread false stories, and cause normal discord to influence votes. (thanks, mnehrling)

I feel your pain - A Clinton quote, used sarcastically.

In-coming -- Usually posted in Reply 2 When the article is sure to stir up tin hats, loonies, whackos and the poorly raised.

Italians - Back in the days when a poster forgot to turn off the Italics tag we'd say Italians. No longer a problem, but 'in the day' not closing a tag would result in the rest of the posts carrying the bold/italics/font until someone closed the tag.

JimRob - Jim Robinson --'s esteemed founder and operator

The Kiss: n. Reference to the infamous "Kiss" between Albert and Tipper Gore after Al's Convention speech. Generally used derisively and in conjunction with a rant on the subject of the mental faculties of soccer moms. Somewhat related to the Clinton's Dance on the Beach, a photo op apparently staged to present the image of marital bliss among the First Couple.

Kneepad Democrats -- The democrats that were waiting in line behind Monica Lewinski.

Koolaid -- as in "go ahead and drink the Koolaid". A reference to the Jim Jones cult which committed mass suicide by drinking poison-laced Koolaid. It means to go ahead and fully commit yourself to a position or group or political philosophy being foisted.

Lewinsky: n. An act of Fellatio. As in "To receive a Lewinsky".

Licking the Toilet Doing any dirty or nasty deed in exchange for campaign contributions. This phase gives way as to how disgusting and gross these acts are. (eg: selling out to China)

LOLCats - pictures of cats with humorous captions in the photo. Increase in popularity when zot threads are lacking.

Lucianne - see "Trixie" in Freeper Lore.

Lumpy Riefenstahl (aka Lord Ho Ho) - official nickname of Michael Moore. "Lumpy" from the fat doofus loser on "Leave it to Beaver" and "Riefenstahl" from Leni Riefenstahl - legendary Nazi propaganda filmmaker. (thanks, dead and weegee)

ManBearPig - originates from a South Park episode about Al Gore. Usually involves images of Helen Thomas. Comes up a lot on the Cryptozoology/HelenThomas/MysteryCreature ping list. Additionally used as the symbol of the typical Dem practice of motivation by fear. The monster is imaginary, wholly a fabrication, just as most of the Left's "monsters". (thanks, JRios1968, K4Harty, and TChris)

Maotfit - Hillary's Campaigning suits

Maroon - Another name for “moron” coined by Bugs Bunny and used as such on FreeRepublic.

McCainiac - John McCain supporter. Term coined during the primaries, when McCain supporters flooded

Mediacrat - Leftwing editorialists who pose as neutral journalists. They are anti America and especially Anti Bush. (thanks, EQAndyBuzz)

Me So Ronrey - see Alec Baldwin and Kim Jong Ill in Freeper Pictures/Images.

Memo Real; Nobody Lied - Summation of Dan Rather's defense in Rathergate (see Buckhead and TankerKC in Lore). After it was obvious the memos were forged, Dan was confronted with the issue but maintained that the memos were real and nobody had lied or mislead the public.

Mothership - n. reference to Louis Farrakhan's early rantings about an alien Mothership eradicating white people and establishing Earth as the rightful kingdom of Blacks, or some such nonsense.

Moonbat - a really loony leftist (ie more kooky than normal), see: wiki - moonbat.

Moose bit my sister once - From Lazamataz: "One day someone posted a really stupid one-line vanity thread. Out of nowhere, OWK said he really liked cheese. I chimed in with the Cheese Shop sketch from monty python, and then someone -- going along the monty python theme -- posted the opening to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That contains the moose references." OWK and I are guilty."

Moran - as in "Get a life you moran", may be plural, also. Comes from a pic of a guy with a sign misspelling "moron".

Morford (aka Miss Morford or Morfordite) - reference to degenerate San Fransisco types based on the socialist moonbat screachings of San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford (ie Anti-conservative, anti-family, anti-religion, anti-American and Pro-illicit drugs, pro-deviant sex, pro-anything-goes-without-any-responsibility).

MR Ducks, OSAR, CM Wangs - Redneck reading test: MR Ducks- Them Are Ducks OSAR- Oh yes they are, CM Wangs- see them wings etc. Poking fun at someone for not 'getting' (or understanding the meaning of) something.

Necro-trolls - The individuals that sign up and ressurect threads about somebody dying (usually in a manner that promotes sarcastic FReeper comments) and claims to know the deceased and scolds us for our "heartlessness". For a while hellinahandcart had a "Fraud" ping list to summon those who delighted in tormenting these souls. (thanks Tijeras_Slim)

Newbies -- People who have just discovered FreeRepublic.

nick - nickname, screen name, such as "Risky Schemer". Some FreeRepublic nicknames have received national mention due to their creativity and humor.

Nifonged - being prosecuted based on political aspirations of the prosecutor rather than any real evidence

Not the [insert name] I knew - see "Under The Bus" in the Glossary

numb! (or nump) - major misspelling of bump!

Operation Chaos - Political operation managed by Rush Limbaugh via his radio show. During the 2008 Presidential Election primaries, conservatives switched parties to vote for Hillary Clinton, thereby extending the race and infighting between the Clinton and Obama camps. There were two objectives to the operation: 1. Create chaos in the Democrat party via extending the emotional infighting and 2. Ensure criticism and scrutiny of Obama as John McCain, during the primaries, had made clear he would not engage in attacks on Obama; additionally, the media was in the tank for Obama and actively deflecting any criticism by non-Democrats (and some Democrats - Bill Clinton) as "racist". The operation enabled Obama to face critcism he would, otherwise, be exempt from through the, expectedly, aggressive Clinton campaign. See also Chaos! in the Glossary.

Opus -- The mother of vanity posts, an opus is a long rambling resignation from FreeRepublic, listing all the offenses and wounds (real or imagined) that have provoked the resignation, in the misguided idea that somehow the ones who "wronged" the resignee will be sought out and pilloried for causing the magnificent and dramatic wounds. Of course the poster of the opus hangs around in his or her death throes for days replying to the opus thread, provoking the usual "so GO already" responses. And most opus posters are thought to still be on FR posting under new nicks anyway. Most opuses are written in the following form -- "So-and-so called me a name and I've had it with Free Republic". This is where a FReeper, in a pique of rage, goes on a rant about how FR has changed since they first came onboard, and the flame wars are out of hand, yada, yada, yada. They must announce it to everybody that they are leaving, and aren't coming back. One FReeper, who is a bigtime pol in (deleted), does this every 6 months or so.

pajama patrol (aka pajamahadeen) - When Freeper Buckhead and TankerKC (see Freeper Lore) exposed Dan Rather for using forged documents (in a 60 minutes Bush Air National Guard story), Vice President of CBS news, Jonathan Klein scoffed at us typing in pajamas in an effort to discredit us and the bloggers. It became a badge of honor (see Pajama Patrol Badge).

Patsy or Patsie - Pat Buchanan supporter.

Paulbearers - Ron Paul supporters

PEST - Post Election Selection Trauma. Term started with the 2000 election, particularly among Gore-Lieberman supporters, and continued on into the 2004 election and beyond. The acronym is used by the mental health profession, which took Rush Limbaugh to task for poking fun at "suferrers".

PETAphiles - Fanatical PETA members

Pee In Your Beer Tax or fee that is added to a utillity bill or license fee. It is usually hidden in some way. This expression is also used for money taken from your paycheck or during discussion of a new bill "Congress planning to pee in your beer" referring to a new proposed hidden tax (see Gore Tax).

Pic rule - see Freeper Lore

Ping Putting a freeper's screen name in reply to so that they will see it in self search. Also page.

Pity Pedler - A democrat who uses pity to get his or her favor (raise taxes, denounce conservatives, keep someone from going to jail) For Example: "For the children", Talking about the homeless, Talking about the elderly, Parading the disabled (like Clinton did once), ect.

polidiot - a person who is solely promoted/elevated in an organization due to their political skills and has no other real abilities for their position.

Presidential Humidor - reference to Lewinsky and the affair with X42 (Clinton).

Presstitute - press whore (or whoring) for what ever cause as long as it hurts conservatives. Coined by B-Chan

prolly - short misspelling of probably

Pull my finger -- When someone extends their finger in your direction and utters this phrase, when you pull their finger they will flatulate at the corresponding time (Submitted by michigander, although Lazamataz claims to have invented this.). Term is frequently seen on 'caption' threads as well.

PUMA - Party Unity My A**. Reference to Hillary Clinton supporters actively opposing the Democrat party and Barack Obama's nomination following the bitter 2008 Presidential Primary fight (see "Operation Chaos" and "Chaos!" in the Glossary). Many threatened to cross over and vote for McCain or another party. The group established a website entitled "People United Means Action" at

Queeg: n. derogatory term occasionally applied to Senator John McCain. Reference to the Humphrey Bogart character from The Caine Mutiny. Used to imply paranoid tendencies on the part of the Senator.

Quidam - see freeper lore.

Racer - those who see hidden racism in every complaint about Obama (defined on neo-neocon blog)

Rally For America - Rallies held in prelude to the invasion of Afghanistan - in support of our troops and country. These types of rallies continue to be held but may be held under different titles.

rant: an energetic diatribe on whatever subject piques the poster's fancy at the moment. < rant > Text < /rant >: indicates that the text enclosed by the "rant" tags is a rant.

Rapist-In-Chief: n William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, in reference to allegations by Juanita Broaddrick that Bill Clinton raped her while he was Attorney General of Arkansas. See "Better Put Some Ice On That". Also see POTUS in the acronym list.

Red Mascot - Anagram for democrats as well as Mad Sector.

Rathergate - See Buckhead and TankerKC in Freeper Lore.

Rats - Democrats. While the term was used in the past, it gained fame with a GOP (Grand Old Party; Republican) ad that lingered on the last four letters of "democrats" a little too long to suit some. A media frenzy ensued, with charges of subliminal advertising and such, and the controversy raged for 3 weeks. However, concurrent Democratic campaign ads that flagrantly LIE were ignored.

RINO - Republican In Name Only, A liberal or moderate Republican.

RKBA - 1. Right To Keep and Bear Arms 2. Road Killed Beeber Association - They come in and pave over the dead troll, on dead troll threads. Pictures of a paver/steamroller are often used. They are also responsible for the original Undead Thread (see Lore). (thanks, nopardons)

Rove, You Magnificent Bastard! (or Rovian Weather Machine) - see FReeper Pictures/Images

< sarcasm > TEXT < /sarcasm > : indicates that the text in between the fake HTML tags is intended as sarcasm. The tags serve as an aid to those who are not well attuned to sarcasm and who might otherwise needlessly flame the sarcastic poster.

SAS Second Admendment Sisters, also SASsy - a member of this group.

Saint Pancake - reference to Rachel Corrie who was...ahem...flattened by an IDF bulldozer operation (IDF states debris from the operation hit her) as she tried to stop IDF forces in their operations against Palistinian terrorists. The left's response? Hold a pancake breakfast: The Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast

Sanity Island - home of the staunchest supporters of President Bush, used mostly in the daily "A Day In The Life of President Bush" threads. (thanks Dems_R_Losers)

Scarmable! - Misspelling of "scramble" by an excited RyanV, and FR newbie at the time: SCARMABLE! COLRADO PEACE INBOUND ON CAPITOL!.

Schadnefreude aka Freudenschade by some - happy at the left's misfortunes

Serpent head -- James Carville.

SHEEPLE -- This is a term used to describe the "Mercun Peepul" (as the democrats referred to the supposed love of Clintoon), especially those who voted for and continued to give Clintoon a 60%+ approval rating during his impeachment for lying under oath. They're American people, but led like dumb sheep by big media and the democrats.

Series - misspelling of serious posted on a thread by an excited FReeper (newsperson999) on this thread: High rise fire in Downtown Chicago.

Shirtless at the 7-11 - Refers to anything tacky/trailer trash. Based on the COPS tv show, where 75% of the arrested perps always seemed to be Shirtless and/or at the 7-11 (thanks, martin_fierro)

Sink Emperor - alias for Bill Clinton (reference to the Lewinsky affair).

SMN - Suck my nuts; A Freeper got spun up and did an opus in which the phrase "suck my nuts" was repeatedly posted to others who had annoyed him. It was pretty funny at the time, for the sincerity of his death-wish, if nothing else. (thanks, Tijeras_Slim)

Snoq - misspelling of Tony Snow (a fellow freeper) that stuck after it was posted on a daily thread headline. RIP Tony, thanks for everything.

Snowe Job -- After Olympia Snowe, being burned by a liberal republican. Olympia Snowe was one of the traitors who vote against indicting Bill Clinton for Perjury.

Soccer moms -- a demographic group which came to prominence when it was revealed they were the source of much of Bill Clinton's voter support. The term derives from suburban moms who carry SUV loads of kids to soccer practice.

Socks (variant: Socks, Scissors, Paper) - reference to Clinton's National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger. In 2003, prior to the 9-11 Commission Hearings, Berger had visited the National Archives and, illegally, took and destroyed multiple documents related to terrorism policy/activities of the Clinton Administration. Reports noted Berger concealed the documents upon his person including in his socks. Ultimately, Berger received a slap on the wrist for the crime and the MSM, predictably, largely ignored the matter.

Socks (2) - Ping to various mischievous FReepers/FReepettes and call to action to hijack an unsuspecting vanity or thread referencing socks. In 2007, Allegra was challenged with posting the most useless vanity and came up with "I'm Wearing New Socks Today". The post was quickly pulled but the following day someone else put up an equally useless vanity and it remained. Thus, a vindictive Allegra and friends hijacked it with serious discussions and pictures of socks. And, verily, vanities and threads referencing socks are no longer safe. (Allegra confirms)

"Special sauce" or "secret sauce" -- a special "magical ingredient" a pollster may be adding to raw poll data to influence or control the findings or outcome of the poll during the "cooking" process. Like "cooking the books".

SPI -- Socialist Political Index, A rating system where points are added or subtracted base on actions, events, and environment surrounding a politician. For example being praised by the liberal media gains 100 points, Toilet Licking adds 200, voting against a tax bill subtracts 50, ect.

spork-weasel - Originated by a post and profile page of Roscoe Karns

Swifties - Swift Boat Veterans. Small group of veterans who served with John Kerry in Vietnam (did I mention Kerry served in Vietnam?). Kerry constantly mentioned his Vietnam service in his campaign, making it an issue. The swifties came out with TV adds and John O'Neil wrote "Unfit for Command" detailing the truth about Kerry's service an purple hearts and post-service anti-war (and anti-US) activities with the 'peace movement'. Essentially, a small group of vets 'torpedoed' his Vietnam campaign.

Stump: n. Derogatory term applied to Albert Gore, Jr., in relation to his oft-mentioned "wooden" demeanor.

Stuned - misspelling of stunned - see beeber

Tea Party (Tea Parties, DC912) - Tea Party protests throughout the nation started shortly after Obama's election to protest huge government power grabs and spending. The parties also focused on the 10th Amendment. On September 12, 2009, estimates of around 1.5 million patriots gathered in Washington DC (surprising authorities and the White House) to protest continued governmental excesses and overreach in power and spending. The movement was grass roots but joined by Glenn Beck and FreeRepublic, among others.

"th" in superscript - Add "th" in superscript, in reference to the forged ANG docs. (from Buck W.)

Thailand (or Thailand?) - described by mware: On a recent thread regarding the murder of Jon Bennet Ramsey, the heads up was someone was going to be arrested in Thailand for her death. The first three consecutive posts were all the same one word response, "Thailand?" (Arrest in JonBenet Ramsey Case Expected "Shortly"). Often seen related to articles on perversion and on zot and inane vanity threads.

Thread - the posted article with all it's appended comments (replies).

thread jacking (threadjackal, threadjacking) - when a thread's subject is completely changed from the original post's intent. As in: starting with an article/post on birth control and ending up with a thorough discussion of zebras. Those who engage (intentional or not) in such behavior may be accused of being a "threadjackal".

Tin-foil hats -- The phrase [I believe] originated with suspicious people who felt - or imagined - they were being bombarded by mind-control or thought-implanting radiation of some sort (not sure by whom, whether the government or extra-terrestrials -- maybe both), and claimed that they gained relief by fashioning a simple helmet from aluminum foil and wearing it.

Toesucker - Former (and some people think, current) Clinton advisor Dick Morris. The name originated when it was revealed that Morris had a prostitute performing this act on him while he was on the phone discussing policy and strategy with Bill Clinton.

TOTUS - Teleprompter Of The United States. Reference to President Obama's beloved machine due to his extensive use and apparent dependance on the teleprompter for speeches to avoid exposing his true ideology/beliefs as well as prevent Kinsley gaffes (see Bitter Clingers entry), lots of "uhs", and awkward silences when he can't come up with an answer. The machine even set up a blog to inform American's about what he was doing for "Big Guy": BaracksTeleprompter - Because There Is No POTUS Without TOTUS.

Trixie - Nickname of Lucianne Goldberg. See Freeper Lore.

Truther - One who rejects the accepted explanation of the events of 9/11. Truthers generally believe the U.S. government committed the acts of terrorism against itself.

Typical White Person - After stating his grandmother was prejudiced, during the 2008 Presidential Primary, Barack Obama describer here as a "typical White Person". Now used as a tongue-in-cheek term by FReepers.

Under The Bus - Reference to Obama's propensity to toss anyone politically inconvenient, no matter if family or relation ("throw grandma under the bus"), under public transport for political gain and to further his populist credo. Typically, after an ethically, or politically problematic ally was tossed under said vehicle, Obama would follow up with an obligatory "this is not the [insert name] I knew" (such as "this is not the Tony Rezko I knew". Variants included: "Throw [insert name] under the bus" and "It's getting crowded under the bus".

Unnngh - see the sam_whiskey post. Can be used for something difficult to comprehend. Sorry sam, someone found the thread.

Vanity posts -- like all medication, should be taken in moderation. Some vanities are useless, while others are to be treasured. One or two-line vanities which consist of comments or observations which could easily have been added to an existing thread are strongly discouraged. Especially onerous is posting such a vanity as "breaking news". See the FreeRepublic posting guidelines and admonitions regarding vanity posts.

Viking kittens (viking kitties) -- see Freeper Pictures/Images section

wear our the cats? - Incohesive Zot thread with loads of spelling errors in the original post. See: wear our the cats?

wee-weed up - Obamaism. Obama used the term during a DNC health care forum. The term was assumed to mean screwed-up or messed up but Obama's Press Secretary (Gibbs) clarified the term as "when people get nervous for no particular reason" somewhat akin to bed wetting. Michelle Malkin has the video here.

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?" -- seems to pop up whenever Dan Rather is a topic of discussion. OKSooner provided the explanation:
"Once upon a time some guys caught ol' Dan in a back alley and beat the crap out of him. The only thing they said was 'What's the frequency Kenneth?'"
"Pummeled about the face and head," is the description that pops into my memory. It was a bizarre, unexplained assault, don't even know if there were any witnesses. But it's something that seems to dovetail right into the other stories about Rather -- like his going on several minutes late in a reported fit of temper, his unabashed admiration of Fidel Castro, his gag-me-with-a-spoon fawning interview of the Clintons, his jaw-dropping, hilarious-because-it-is-so-over-the-top bias, or his struggle to find a pithy signoff of the caliber of Walter Cronkite's "And that's the way it is." All he came up with (and used for a while) was, "Courage."
[Incidentally, R.E.M. had a song titled after the (infamous) "frequency" incident.]

Willard - n. 1. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. 2. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton's penis. From the name given to the anthropomorphized talking representation of Bill Clinton's penis in the Joe Eszterhas book American Raphsody. Also used to described Willard Mitt Romney on occasion (in reference to Clintonesque tendencies, rather than said body part).

yitbos - Mystery. Speculation includes something to do with frat boys, a Skull and Bones reference or even something Masonic, to a lame prank phrase used by posters to suggest they're members of a special clique. A modern day version of Killroy Was Here, perhaps. (thanks, Tinian)

YOMANK - You Owe Me A New Keyboard, often used when a previous poster said something funny causing you to spit your drink on your keyboard.

Zot - The extremely crude definition means getting kicked off FR in an undignified manner. HOWEVER See the FReeper Lore Section - Coop gives the real meaning (and background) there.

Freeper Pictures/Images

Description of images that show up on threads:

2 thubs up [2 thumbs up] - see 2 thubs up in Glossary

Alec Baldwin and Kim Jong Ill - pictures are posted when he is mentioned followed by phoenetic (mis)spellings based on the Team America movie: Arec Barwin and Me so ronrey.

Ann Coulter pictures - see pic rule in Freeper Lore

Baghdad Bob - Picture of Saddam's Information (Propaganda) Minister aka Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf. Indicates the article/post is propaganda. "Bob" claimed there were no US Forces in Baghdad ("There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!") while US tanks/mechinized forces were firing in the background.

Billy Sol Hurok and Big Jim McBob - whenever a terrorist blows himself up accidentally Billy Sol Hurok and Big Jim McBob never fail to make an appearance. Originates from the Farm Report skit on Second City TV (SCTV). Joe Flaherty and John Candy begin a report on agriculture and end up blowing up one or more celebrity guests. Each time that happened Big Jim McBob (Flaherty) and Billy Sol Hurok (Candy) would say, “they blown up real good!”

Belly girl - Often a girl with belly exposed from Protest Warrior (usually with a "Hey France...You Shut The Hell Up" sign). Male Freepers will post some of these when discussing attractive conservative ladies. See also: Fledermaus's post

BS Meter - someone/something is full of it (self explanatory)

Cowbell pictures - Usually applied to a nonsensical post or a vanity post with insufficient information in it. Comes from the SNL "more cowbells sketch"

Cheese - See Glossary

Helen Thomas - see pic rule in Freeper Lore; liberal and incredibly annoying White House reporter. Her voice, among other things, makes paint peel of the walls.

Islamic Rage Boy (IRB) - picture of an angry islamic 'yout' taken at a protest in India around 2006 (many other pics of him exists and sighting continue to occur). The pic of the admitted "rent-a-protester" is generally popular with many conservative sites but also can be found on FR. More can be found about IRB at the Wikipedia page.

Looter Guy (aka Lootie, Looty, Heineken Guy, Heineken Looter) Pic of a black (screw the PC term) male happily carrying off a load of Heineken in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (in New Orleans). Often used on natural disaster, New Orleans, and/or petty crime threads. One variation includes a Heineken carrying a box of "Looter Guys". The AP picture stirred controversy as he was captioned as a looter while the 'white folk' behind him were captioned as "finding bread and soda". Never mind that the white people were carting off supplies necessary for survival or that other black families were also captioned as "finding" when carrying staples. More details can be found at: Lootie - Wikipedia

Maureen Dowd (MoDo) - see pic rule in Freeper Lore

Manatee - often a picture of a Manatee superimposed on the Hindenburg explosion, frequently followed by "Oh the Huge Manatee!" or "Oh, the Hugh Manatee!" (photo may also have Brit Hume or Sean Hannity, ie: Oh the Hume Manatee or Oh the Hume Hanitty). (Thanks, rfp1234)

Michelle Malkin - See pic rule in Freeper Lore

Moose - see Glossary (Moose bit my sister)

Not This Again - picture of someone holding their head, indicates being sick of a subject (beating a dead horse, aka the Democrat playbook)

Anything w/ pancake picture - your statement makes no sense (image typically consists of a bunny with a pancake on its head).

Pajamas (pajama patrol badge) - see Pajama patrol in glossary

Pic rule - see Freeper Lore

Popcorn - sit back and enjoy, this will be an interesting show (often used when the libs are imploding).

paver or (road) roller - see RKBA in Glossary

Shower pictures - see Freeper Lore

Rove, You Magnificent Bastard! - Picture of Gen. George S. Patton with the "Rove, You magnificient bastard!" caption. Typically used when a political win is scored by conservatives (and conservative stategists). Since the left blames Rove for their misfortunes, why not perpetuate their angst by citing Rove whether he had a role or not?! Became rare after the defeats in the 2006 election - RYNSMB (not so magnificent bastard) came into existence. The "Rovian Weather Machine" has fared a similare fate.

THUD (word followed by pictures) - see pic rule in Freeper Lore

Tom Daschle (Deeply Saddened) - Posted when something goes wrong for the left. Tom Daschle (D-SD) was the senate minority leader, then, very briefly, the majority leader, back to minority leader and finally tossed from office by SD voters. Sen Daschle was likely "deeply saddened" several times in his leadership career.

Tourist Guy (aka tourist of death) - after September 11, a picture was prolifically passed around the interenet (and emails) of a male tourist (a Hungarian man named Péter Guzli) posing atop the World Trade Center just as one of the planes was about to hit it. The picture turned out to be a 'photoshopped' fake. Since, the male tourist has been seen in any number of settings (he's everywhere). See also: Wikipedia - Tourist guy and This Guy is EVERYWHERE!!! (one of the original Tourist Guy threads).

Viking kitten pictures - connected to the video of viking kittens with background music of Led Zepplin's "The Immigrants". Typically preceeds a Zot. It has been said that one of the FR admins liked the viking kitties video (see link) so much that they posted it on their homepage and it took off, this is unconfirmed, however (thanks, Kevmo)

Freeper Lore

Newcomers may encounter these references from time to time on FR:

A+Bert - a grouchy and funny old icon around here for many years. On any given day he was banned for something (thanks blam, I remember now!). Reportedly still posts at Liberty Forum.

Anti-Freepers are an unorganized group of people, who, for one reason or another despise Free Republic, or FR founder Jim Robinson, and/or cannot tolerate the existence of a forum where conservatives gather to discuss news, policies, media bias and events. Some anti-freeper behavior borders on obsessive (some even stalk, or border on it). At least a couple have established anti-FR sites, and at least one operator of an anti-freeper site is actually a former freeper who got banned. See Ash, Eschoir.

Ash - a former liberal disruptor (see glossary) on FreeRepublic who posted under the screen name Ash or several variations thereof. He was at times witty, and his provocations occasioned some spirited and persuasive conservative apologetics on FR. Former regular freeper Don Morgan would post "Ash Alerts" on any thread Ash was suspected to be repying to.

Buckhead and TankerKC - Freepers who raised questions/proof regarding the documents Dan Rather used on 60 Minutes. Their efforts lead to the conclusion that the Documents were forged and Dan and the MSM were exposed. Also resulted in the term "pajama patrol" - see glossary. For the infamous post#47 that started it all go to: Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard [post 47]. See also Pajama Patrol Badge.

Bug Zapper Thread - Thread that allowed Giuliani supporters who also favored (or placed perceived winning over everything else) certain social/other values inconsistent with FreeRepublic's stated values AND wanted to change those values and redefine social conservatism to come to the zapper, deliver their opus and move on. Will FR embrace socialism to make way for Rudy Giuliani as a Republican presidential candidate?

DITHF - is usually used now as an admonition to be suspicious or not so impressed or gullible regarding someone's claims. It is a reference to a FReeper using the screen name "Deep In The Hurtgen Forest". DITHF presented himself as a serviceman stationed in Germany, and posted many in-the-know "letters to home" type writings that were quite convincing. Eventually, though, due to some observant FReepers, some inconsistencies were noticed and revealed and DITHF was exposed (and, as I recall, confessed) as fake.

Chapter -- FreeRepublic has several chapters including a few overseas. In the spring of 1998, a post for organizing a convention was started. The convention was to be held in California. Since this was too far for many freepers, a convention began to be organized on the east coast. Bugbear began to organize a convention in the midwest. Bugbear later etablished the new organization as the first Chapter of FreeRepublic. The first three chapters, were Florida, Puget Sound (WA) and Los Angeles. We now have chapters all over the the US as well as Chapters in Japan, Australia, Singapore and Britain. It was mainly through these official and unofficial chapters that the Free Republic Network was able to help organize rallies in over 250 cities during the run up to the Iraq war and during the Election debacle of 2000. Free Republic Network member “registered” created or assisted in creating the “Sore-Loserman” and “Dem Crying Baby” graphics (among hundreds of others) and FRN board member “doughtyone” created a website where the graphics could be hosted, downloaded and printed into posters. That was one reason those posters/graphics were everywhere overnight. (thanks Bob_J)

classygreeneyedblonde - Posed as a ditzy blonde often flirting with male FReepers. Always signed her name with rainbow text, and had a sultry, sexy blonde pic on her profile page. Once 'she' was discovered to be a he, many FReepers had to rapidly backpeddle to the amusement of the FReepettes. Posted the "Can anyone else look at the sun and see anything" titled vanity with the following text: "I have been sitting here for the last 45 mins looking straight at the sun. there is a host over the sun so i can look at it..its a sign a miracle.. can anyone else look at the sun and see anything". Banned from FR in 2002. (thanks fnord)

Eschoir - (see anti-freeper) is an attorney in the DC area who has been a liberal disruptor (see glossary) on FR for several years. His original screen name, Eschoir, has long been banned so he creates a new one every time he shows up. He routinely posts an inflammatory article hangs around for a while and then is banned. He operates several anti-FR message boards on Yahoo. Photo of Eschoir can be found here

Fusion - FReeper who turned out to be a fraud. His dramatic prose and lofty predictions regarding the Balkans and Russia earned him scorn and derision. He was eventually banned but he had his fans! Fusion presented himself as one with key political connections and in the know but may be better described as "a senior spymaster for the Albanian desk back at the circus" (see Fusion's Fractured Fairy Tale). (thanks, Incorrigible)

Legendary FreeRepublic Flame Wars, to my experience and IMHO, have a common denominator: A FReeper who tries to hijack as his personal venue of leadership or fame, or is dead set on insinuating his or her view on all others and "destroying" or excluding infidels. Seems such a thing never fails to bring a withering assault of flaming posts as all guns are brought to bear, to the consternation of whatever followers said FReeper may have managed to gather to him or herself. I'll name no names, but there have been a couple of Flame Wars that were doozies. At times it was hard to keep up with all the opuses. =)

Freeper Island -- a thread that grew from a Freeper's announcement on another thread that if things continued, he would move to an island. Much of the original thread has been preserved HERE. The term "Hijacked to Freeper Island" refers to any thread that veers from its original subject into "anarchistic mirth" (for lack of a better term) around a completely different subject.

FreeRepublic Memorial Wall - see FreeRepublic Memorial Wall - In honor of those FReepers who now rest from the labors of life. Their voices may have been silenced, but their words and deeds will never be forgotten.

FRN - Free Republic Network. Started in 2001 by Nick Danger, Interesting Times, The Shrew, Minute Gal, Diotima, abner Bob J and Doughtyone. The first nationwide FReep was orgainized in response to the election debacle and culminated in over 200 rallies. In April 2003, over 250 rallies were held. (thanks, Bob J)

Hobbit Hole - started by FReepers who loved Tolkien and were sick of the lefties using LOTR [Lord of The Rings] to claim that there should be no such thing as war and that Tolkien would have wanted the West to lay down and die in the face of its enemies. The group established the Hobbit Hole Knife project to supply soldiers with knives free of charge. As of August, 2006 the HH Knife project had shipped over 1600 knives. For more information, go to: The Freeper Hobbit Hole. (thanks Alkhin and HairOfTheDog). Hobbitt Hole III was the first thread to hit 65535 replies in September, 2003 (Lil'freeper).

JimRob - Jim Robinson - need I say more (if you still don't get this one, see JimRob - Jim Robinson in the Glossary; and shame on you!). First to meet Jim and get pictures (July 4, 1998, Fresno Park): Badjoe, WillaJohns, Bob J and Clintons a liar (thanks, Bob J)

Jim Thompson - The 'other' Jim Robinson. The incident stemmed from a hit piece by Chris Parry in the Vancouver Sun (Conservative Free Republic blog in free speech flap after racial slurs directed at Obama children). In the article Chris Parry called Jim Robinson, "Jim Thompson". joinedafterattack (see also the Gawker's report)did some investigation on Chris Parry and found that he was none other than radical left blogger "Hollywoodoz" at the Daily Kos (BOMBSHELL & FREEPER CALL TO ACTION on Daily Kos & Vancouver Sun Reporter, summary available here too). Chris Parry actually advocated attacking "negros" and blaming the Republicans for it. See this post at the Daily Kos by "hollywoodoz". See it here: Chris Parry later posted to joinedafterattack's thread (click here for the post) under "ChrisParry" and confirmed the findings. Parry also stated he had multiple FreeRepublic accounts (post 767 in reply to "My hearts in London - Everett"). Parry's report culminated in MSNBC's Keith Olbermann honoring "Jim Thompson as one of his "Worst Person In The World" designees ( Unfortunately, that means, Jim Robinson never, technically never recieved said honor. Sorry, Jim, better luck next time. The Vancouver Sun, concerned about journalistic integrity...did nothing to Parry. Since the incident, FReepers ala Spartacus have occasionally stated "I am Jim Thompson" when showing solidarity or poking fun at media screwups and ludicrous hit-pieces related to FreeRepublic. (thanks, joinedafterattack, mnehring)

March For Justice -- A Washington DC rally organized by Freepers to express support and encouragement for Congress during impeachment proceedings. Speakers included Alan Keyes, Larry Klayman, Gary Aldrich and many others. Sometimes referred to simply as the MFJ.

My neighbor's dog brought home a human skull, what - Title of an 'interesting' thread posted by jilley. see: My neighbor's dog brought home a human skull, what Note: She hasn't posted since, at least not as jilley (thanks, Jet Jaguar)

Pic Rule - Unofficial, but strictly enforced rule that pictures of unpleasant liberal women must be accompanied by pictures of beautiful women; if beautiful women are mentioned a picture must follow (and inevitably controlled by Helen Thomas) (thanks NonLinear and dinasour). Specific rules follow:
1. If your post mentions Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin, you must post a pic of her.
2. Female equivalent to the Ann Coulter rule. The Bibi (Netanyahu) and Bill Sammon's rule. Followed by the word THUD in bold. "Thud" refers to the sound made by Freepettes when they hit the floor after swooning over various males of the species.
3. Maureen Dowd (MoDo) is accompanied by Catherine Zeta Jones (because actor Michael Douglas dumped her for Zeta Jones).
4. Posting of Catherine Zeta Jones are usually followed by a post of a Maureen Dowd pic
5. If your post mentions Michael Douglas, you must post a pic of Catherine Zeta Jones.
6. If your post mentions Sarah Palin (aka "Barracuda" or "Sarahcuda" - a high school nickname derived from her athletic prowess), you must post a pic of her and/or her husband Todd (for the FReepettes).
7. Helen Thomas - Whenever any of Rules #1 - #6 are invoked, it will sooner or later become obligatory to post a pic of Helen Thomas. I think this was instituted as the FR equivalent of spiking the thread with saltpeter...
8. If Helen Thomas is mentioned, a picture will be posted. Groans usually follow. See also Helen Thomas in Freeper Pictures/Images.

Poopy Pool Thread (aka Pool Poopy Thread) - icwhatudo initiated the infamous "Poopy Pool" thread on June 25, 1998. The thread became a hilarious way to make fun of the media covering something..ANYTHING..other than the latest huge developments in the Clinton scandals. At the time, e. coli from..well..poop in public swimming pools was treated as a huge story at the same time Clinton was getting hammered by scandal revelation after scandal revelation. Somehow CNN had plenty of time to investigate poopy pools but no time to go in depth on the latest Clinton developments. Posters climbed aboard making up more and more elaborate poop scare stories for the media. It got to a point where some of the posts were funny enough that people started forwarding on the thread to media/talk radio folks. It was reported that some radio shows (possibly in New England and Baltimore) actually read part of the thread on air. Additionally, back in 1998, there was always somewhat of a running battle between the more social/not always serious contingent of FR versus the very serious/moderated part of FR. This thread helped cement the social possibilities of FR.
While the original thread is no longer available (and appears lost), an excerpt of the thread was preserved:
Yesterday I was trying to make a point about how the media gives BS stories more air-time than real news. I asked the question: "Well what choice will the media make today: 1. Semen stained dress confirmed(NY Observer) 2. Missing chip fro m satellite confirmed (New York Times) 3. Whorealdo turning his back on the arrest of a Chinese guy (PSNBC) 4. Kids in pool get sick from poopy. MY GUESS IS THAT #4 will get the most play."
The post got replies such as: And let's not forget about Dan Rather's special report on how Republicans in Congress are failing to protect "the children" from pool poopy. Followed by the cost of Ken Starr's investigation draining funds from the "pool poopy crisis" "Did Ken Starr do legal work for the 'Big Pool Poopy' industry?" Next! On Whoraldo! "follow-up interviews with the people holding a candle-light vigil at the site of the 'poopy pool tragedy'....a fence in the background will be bedecked with flowers and crudely rendered posters...and the interviewees will, of course, speak in vo...
Thanks to icwhatudo and Daus for providing the background and unsycophant for the excerpt on the Life Guard in the Pool thread.

quidam -- like DITHF, "quidam" is a FReeper screen name. Quidam was noted for his unique posting style -- one or two short, cryptic sentences, maybe a sentence fragment, and his posts were always signed twice. That is, not only did it appear automatically as it does on all replies, he also typed in his screen name to close each of his posts. Because of the nature of his posts and writing style, one could infer he was a knowledgeable, high-placed, anonymous Beltway insider. He spoke of such things as the dark and mysterious "men in suits" who would ultimately render a decision to Bill Clinton and remove him from office. Although ulimately discredited as an insider, his posts were among the most entertaining and memorable from the pre-impeachment era. He was a popular contributor and among the most well-known FReepers at the time. Unlike DITHF, Quidam occasionally still posts to FR, and he (or she?) is usually greeted with a wave of nostalgia. =) Quidam has been accused of being none other than Matt Drudge (just a rumor).

Shower pictures - shower reference is to a thread where a woman was close to some breaking news (either physically or near someone important to her), nobody was sure what was going on, and while all the excitement was still happening and nothing resolved she announced she'd just gotten out of the shower and asked for updates. Hence, the showers show up as something is about to happen. Brytani admits to being the "showergirl" here. Also, RaceBannon admits to being the first to post about going to the shower - sorry RB, you kinda asked for it. Here is the original thread Breaking News BWI Airport. Brytani stated: "FoxNews broke into their programming about 5 minutes ago with a story about BWI Airport. Unfortunately I was getting into the shower and missed most of it. Can anyone tell me what is going on? My husband is flying out of BWI today to come home so I'm VERY concerned." (thanks doubled, dales, Brytani)

Sore Loserman - A mock up of the Gore Lieberman 2000 sign was made by Michigan freepers that said "Sore Loserman". A small tear drop hang off the end of the lettering. Freeper protestestors waved these signs in key spots during the recount of votes and the court trials, which were to decide the fate of the country as to who would be president. During Thanksgiving week of 2000, the sign was shown repeatedly in the press on the air and in print. The sign was apparently designed by CPL BAUM, Registered, Spiff, and Mass Exodus.

The Other Harry - FReeper who put up some classic threads such as: Advice on buying a pony, Compulsively counting, Turning over my neighbor's picnic table, Mistakes I have made, They messed-up my radio buttons, Cleaning ear wax? and the not to be missed What makes your urine orange/yellow vs. clear?. Unfortunately, The Other Harry passed away in 2005. responsibility2nd has a tribute on their profile page. (Thanks responsibility2nd)

The "Test: Do Not Reply" or "Please ignore, this is just a test post" vanity, was a thread posted by a freeper which grew spontaneously as many posted their intentions to dutifully obey and ignore the thread. It became a monstrous runaway with 300+ responses covering everything from ancient Assyria to Monty Python. As long as it was available, it occasionally was bumped again, so apparently, it had to be dumped.

Trixie -- Nickname of Lucianne Goldberg, once a frequent and well-liked contributor to FreeRepublic. Goldberg came to Conservative fame due to her association and involvement with Linda Tripp.
(Time Magazine's early take on Goldberg's rise to conservative prominence.)
At some point there were those who thought FR should be only and exclusively Republican.
There were also those (including Jim Robinson himself) who thought the forum should stand for and work toward a return to true Constitutional standards of government no matter which party or candidate.
A heated philosophical struggle began, resulting in The Great Lucianne Exodus and the establishment of Jim Robinson wished them all good luck in their endeavors and to this day still posts banner links to what is variously referred to as and I Love Lucy. Trixie, incidentally, is credited with coining the term "FReeper".

Undead Thread - Lengthy Zot threads that never seem to end (a large variety of topics are discussed: see: why do you guys keep banning me? (Zot! Because we can) (Juwish modz totally rewl!) - first of the undead threads, post 41083 describes "what we are all about". From sionnsar: Threads themselves come to an abrupt end at post #65534. (We know, because we took our very first thread to that point.) The mods don't like that, so we now move to a new Zot thread at the end of every month, at which time we've accumulated 4000 to 6000 posts.

Walter Reed FReeps - The DC Chapter of FreeRepublic has held a weekly troop-support rally at the entrance to Walter Reed Army Medical Center since March, 2005, to greet our wounded troops and their families. This rally began as a counterprotest to an anti-war "vigil" by Code Pink and other leftist groups that gathered every Friday evening at the entrance to WR. After facing off across the street for the first 40 weeks, FReepers and Protest Warriors captured the permits to all four corners of the entrance in 2006, pushing the anti-war "vigil" to an obscure site a block away ever since. Our larger and more visible rally now focuses solely on celebrating the troops. (thanks, Albion Wilde and trooprally)

Web Site Claims GI Captured in Iraq Thread - A 2005 thread with a media report with seemingly bad news. It rapidly drew suspicion once, FReepers, and others looked at the picture of the "captured soldier". It only took a few posts to figure out that a GI Joe doll was in terrorist hands! See Web Site Claims GI Captured in Iraq

World Trade Center Thread - A sad historical thread. The thread provides a minute by minute account of 9/11. Thread started by "Oldeconomybuyer" at 8:52am on 9/11 (2001). World Trade Center (thanks, Republican Red)

Zot - Origninated by Admin Moderator: There are one or two individuals who, for whatever reason, enjoy signing up new accounts here every single day to post leftist drivel. Sometimes they are vanities from DemocraticUnderground. Sometimes they are articles from other far-left sources. Sometimes they are nothing but vile doctored images or profanity laced tirades. Sometimes they are from legitimate sources but happen to strike the eye of the poster as being something that would infuriate conservatives.

The posters in question always post the articles, and then don't reply. They then post other articles, again not replying. This was going on for months. Jim would confirm by looking at the IP addresses and other aspects of the user's 'footprint' that it was the returning troll, and we would nuke the accounts. This went on for months.

Then some of the opportunists who wanted to harm the forum started a whispering campaign, complaining about articles being deleted. They would play off of the fact that the trolls' articles were being pulled to complain that there was some sort of agenda of squelching legitimate conservative postings going on by the moderators.

One day I decided to try something new. I decided, instead of letting the trolls get what they want and have their posts up as flame bait, and instead of pulling the threads outright, I would move their post aside and replace it with something that hopefully others would find humorous. I would do this out in the forum for all to see. The original piece would be available through the history link for the curious, who could see if there was some sort of censorship campaign going on. And the freepers could have fun mocking the troll if they so liked.

It so happens that the way I did it the first time was using a screen shot from Caddyshack, where the pastor gets hit by a lightning bolt. Being a bit of a fan of the comic strip "B.C." I captioned the photo with the lightning bolt sound that Johnny Hart used in his strip- ZOT! That is where the term Zot originated.

Now, sometimes we "zot", and sometimes we simply pull it. It depends on a number of factors, including how busy we are at the time. But whenever you see a Zot, you can be sure that the user was a 'newbie' who was doing their hit-and-run posting, and that if you as a well-established freeper thought the article would have made an interesting discussion, then you could probably post the same piece yourself without incident (although the most vile of the stuff probably would get pulled, and Jim reserves the right to remove anyone who he feels is constantly trying to push leftist propaganda on the forum). Anyway, that is the history and background behind zotting.

Common-to-FreeRepublic Acronyms & Abbreviations

AGNTSA: Aw, Geez, not this Sh*t Again!
BDS - Bush Derangement Syndrome (see glossary).
BFL (BMFLR) - Bump For Later (Book Marked For Later Reading)
BIOYAC - Texan freepism - Blow It Out Your A**, Cowboy
BLOAT - Buy lots of ammo today.
BTTT - "Bump To The Top" or "Back To The Top" is used interchangeably with "Bump".
CFR - Council on Foreign Relations
DBM - Drive-by Media. Term coined by Rush Limbaugh to describe the media tactics of reporting things of little/no substance to make a story ('the story is the story'), create a commotion about an insignificant event, and quickly flee scene while avoiding accountability for the (often personally) destructive nature of their report.
DINO - those of us who are reformed Democrats but for various reasons have never gotten around to changing our voter registration.
DILLIGAF (Does It Look Like I Give A ****?)
DITHF - See Freeper Lore
DLTDHY - Dont Let The Door Hit You (on the way out)
FJB: Acronym for the phrase F***ing Jew Bast***, anti-Semetic epithet allegedly employed by Hillary Rodham Clinton
FMCDH (BITS) -- From My Cold Dead Hands (Blood In The Streets added by nothingnew) -- the closing words of Charlton Heston in his speech to the NRA in defense of his 2nd Amendment rights to own fire arms -- spoken as he held a rifle over his head.
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FOB - Friend Of Bill. Related: DFOB - Dead Friend Of Bill. One that was an FOB but was Fostered and is now taking an Arkansaw Dirt Nap. Still considered an Arkancide, even if it happens aboard a crashed plane in the Balkans. Related terms - Fahmy Malak, Dixie Mafia, Mena, Inslaw, Waco, and JFK. jr.
FOB - Forward Operating Base (Iraq War brought this term about).
FR -
FSC - Florida Supreme Court
FUBO - 'Eff' You Barack Obama (originated from a Bob Lonsberry article): IN A WORD -- FUBO (Lonsberry-Must Read)
GOA - Gun Owners of America
GOTV - If freepers aren't working to this end, they should turn off their computers. Get Out the Vote!!
GTHOOMC - Get The Hell Out Of My Country. Coined by Lurker and typically used on threads regarding illegal aliens who committed a crime (besides illegal entry).
HAND - Have A Nice Day
HCI - Handgun Control, Inc. (Not the good guys.)
HINO and WINO: Husband In Name Only and Wife In Name Only (typically used to denote the Clintons)
HSW - Hillary’s Secret Warriors (see Glossary)
HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language. The "code" used when posting on FreeRepublic to insert formatting, such as paragraphs, bold or italic type, etc. Enroll in HTML Bootcamp to learn more.
IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer
IBTZ - In Before The Zot may be posted if someone is quick enough to post before a zot occurs.
JBT - Jack-Booted Thug (an oldie but a goodie)
Jf'K (JfK) - John F'ing Kerry
JPFO - Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LIHOP - Let It Happen On Purpose - typically a reference to 9/11 truther theory (see truther in glossary). See also MIHOP
MFJ - March For Justice, a rally organized by Freepers during impeachment proceedings. See Freeper Lore.
MIHOP - Made It Happen On Purpose - typically a reference to 9/11 truther theory (see truther in glossary). See also LIHOP
MoDo - Maureen Dowd (see pic rule)
MSM - Main Stream Media (aka Lame Stream Media, among other things).
NGO - Non-Governmental Organization (A popular acronym on U.N. threads)
NRA - National Rifle Association (of course)
NSA - National Security Agency. While the CIA is engaged in international intelligence gathering, the secretive NSA is thought to engage in domestic spying on US citizens. See "Echelon" in the glossary of terms.
NWO - New World Order. A phrase often (but, incorrectly) solely attributed to George Bush the elder. It is generally not regarded as a good thing, because it is considered to smack of world government and subjugation of American interests and independence. In NWO discussions you will often find co-references to the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and others, all shadow organizations said to be secretly working to implement one world government -- and a socialist/communist one to boot.
OBL — Open Borders Lobby
OBSS — Open Borders Sovereignty Sellout
OIC - Office of the Independent Counsel. (The office which Ken Starr held during the Whitewater investigation.)
PEST - Post Election Selection Trauma. See Glossary.
PIAPS - Pig in a Pantsuit (see also Hillary Clinton)
POTUS - President of the United States. TRIPOTUS - Treasonous, Rapist, Impeached President Of The United States. DIRTPOTUS - Disbarred, Impeached, Rapist, Treasonous, President Of The United States. DISTRIMPOTUS=The (soon to be) disbarred Raping Impeached POTUS. FLOTUS=First Lady.
PTB - Powers That Be.
RTFAB4UP - Read The F*cking Article Before You Post
ROTFLMCO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Clymer Off (See Clymer in the glossary)
RINO - Republican In Name Only -- a politician who claims to be a Republican but who votes like a Democrat on issues -- examples are the Republican Senators who voted against conviction of one William Jefferson Clinton after he was impeached by the House.
RKBA - The Right to Keep and Bear Arms or Road Killed Beeber Association (see glossary)
RYMB (IBRYMB) - Rove You Magnificent Bastard (In Before Rove You Magnificent Bastard) - see FReeper Pictures/Images
SAF - Second Amendment Foundation website.
SAS-AIM or SAS: Second Amendment Sisters - Armed Informed Mothers
SCOTUS=Supreme Court of the United States. Also USSC.
SKG - Not as insidious as, say, the NWO or CFR, but reviled nonetheless. It is Speilberg/Katzenberg/Geffen -- Hollywood movie production company and diehard Clinton supporter. Among fundraising and other assistance and support freely provided by this company and its primaries -- note the unabashedly propagandist movie recently released (and what a magnificent bomb it was) - "The Contender".
SRM - State Run Media - another name for MSM coined by Rush Limbaugh after Obama's election and the media's continuing support of Obama Administration policies and covering for the adminstration's failures and scandals
STFU - Shut The F Up
SUV= In the view of the far left, the greatest known threat to humankind - after tobacco. The vile and dreaded Suburban Utility Vehicle.
TEOTWAWKI: The End of The World as We Know It. Usually to denote sarcasm and skepticism in response to some dire prediction of crisis.
TGO - The Great One, Mark Levin (see Frink, in glossary).
TOTUS - Teleprompter Of The United States - See TOTUS and Barack Hussein Obama II in the glossary.
TRT - Tyranny Response Team.
TTIWWP - This Thread is Worthless Without Pics.
VPC - Violence Policy Center (anti-gun org affiliated with HCI).
WTSHTF: When the s--- hits the fan.
X[number] - former President, and their historical number (X39 - Jimmy Carter, X42 Clinton etc)
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary