Bartholomew Roberts
Since Oct 25, 2000

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I'm an American but I am presently and constantly 'somewhere else' - Gothenburg, Sweden; Cincinnati, Ohio; Naples, Florida. I'm living in all three right now.

For that reason I have a recent ID date. I can't keep all the passwords straight. I have been around here since before the Clinton impeachment.

I earned an undergrad BA in Journalism/Photojournalism from a University in Kentucky; an MBA from University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan; and studied International Business and International Software Standards at Westminster College, Oxford University, in the UK.

I make money for a living!

I enjoy VFR flying, driving on the Autobahn, and Intercoastal Waterway boating.

FReep-mail me if you want to talk B-17 Flying Fortresses, the hobbies of my favorite pyrates (like Bartholomew Roberts) or about my Superformance AC Cobra.