Since Jul 19, 1999

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I am an 80 year old professional banjoist, happily married since 1989, to Faye who is the same age as I. Our spirits and minds are young and filled with optimism as we approach our final years together.

We have two cats, hate television, are avid gardeners, regular readers, love music, have a strong work ethic, are both conservative, not affiliated with any western religion, (the business of the church is business), and we are moral and ethical in our world view.

For obvious reasons, we live in Orlando, FL.

I am a biker and I exercise regularly and manage to keep my weight right at 150lbs. All my body parts, (including my mind,) seem to be in good working order except for some arthritis from over use.

My band and I have made a CD and I have a banjo solo recording entitled, "Ed Cuneo Plays Outside The Box". Go to my page, for details and sound clips.