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WASHINGTON (CNN)--California Rep. Gary Condit has given police "every shred of information to help them try to find" the missing former intern Chandra Levy, Condit's lawyer told CNN on Sunday.

Abbe Lowell here's a shred of information you can give to the police.


Here is, I think, a good question and perhaps a big key. I have stated before Condit's actions as well as his inaction between the time Condit received the phone call from the parents May 6th and the time he called the police the next day May 7th can be very telling.

If he didn't try to call Chandra's apt., her friends, his office or answering service to see if she had called then it suggests he already knew her fate. This inaction would be that of a guilty man.

And Abbe Lowell states the police don't have any need for Condit's phone records, because Chandra is the one that is missing. What a CROCK OF S&!%.

I've only had one poster disagree by saying he broke it off with her, therefore he wouldn't want to contact her or call her. Well, I don't think Condit can use that as a defense now since he is saying he didn't break up with her.

Mr. Condit, please pull the microphone in front of you, I have a question to ask.

Mr. Condit the Modesto Bee reported Chandra's parents called you on Sun May 6th at your Calif home to tell you they couldn't find Chandra. You were reported to have called the police on Mon May 7th while on your way to the airport.

Mr. Condit I contend if you didn't make phone calls during this time frame looking for Chandra then that implies you already knew her fate.

So my question Mr. Condit, did you make any phone calls during this time frame looking for Chandra? And secondly, will you provide your phone records, during this time frame, to the proper athorities so they can learn the truth about your actions and inactions?

You see Mr. Condit this will help tell a very important part of your story.

There are basicly two different types of coverings on golf balls. One is called surlyn, which is a hard material and the other is called balata, which is a much softer covering. The softer balata covering allows the better golfer to put spin on the ball which helps control the direction the ball goes. Since most of politics is spin, I want to help put a conservative spin on the political message, hence Balata.

Eventhough there is a Palestine refuge camp named Balata which has been in the news lately it has nothing to do with my name.

When Words Would Help, Only Silence [Gary Condit]

Here's a question I've been wondering about and have not seen it discussed anywhere.

Between the time Chandra's parents called Condit to tell him their daughter was missing and the time Condit called the police the next day, did Condit call Chandra's apt., or any of Chandra's friends, or go over to her apt. to see if she was there? If he did none of these then IMO that means he already knew her fate.

If this is true then his silence during this 24+ hour period SCREAMS "I'm guilty."

19 Posted on 06/26/2001 18:34:26 PDT by Balata

As I've stated previously, there just seem to be too many coincidences.

Doesn't it seem odd that Condit would get out of his meeting with the VP and Chandra would get off the cmptr at nearly the same time? At first glance it appears preplaned. If she were on the cmptr and assuming there was only one phone line into her apt, how could Condit have called her without just getting a busy signal?

Well, thinking about this further and doing a little research I found Chandra's aunt said Chandra told her they (Chandra and Gary Condit) would communicate by Chandra calling Gary's pager and leaving a message telling him during what hours she would have her cell phone turned on. He would then return her calls during that time.

So, I can see her setting at her cmptr surfing with her cell phone near by, waiting for his call. Gary then called her after he got out of his meeting with the VP at 12:55. He tells her he wants to meet her at Kringle M. at such and such time. She then takes a few minutes to look up the Kringle M. on her cmptr and logs off at 1:15.

I know the police have Condit's apt phone log and his cell phone log as well as Chandra's apt phone log and cell phone log.

Now, if Chandra's cell phone log shows an incoming call from Condit or one of his buds, between 12:55-1:15 then we've got ourselves a prime suspect.

The question is do you think the FBI or the Keystone Cops have thought of this.

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