Since Mar 31, 2004

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Lifelong Wisconsin resident. I have been lurking here since the fall of 1999. Finally decided to toss in my two cents worth. I have observed the Democratic Party spiral downward faster and faster since I began to pay attention to politics in the early '60s. They can hardly be called an American party anymore. They seem to be anti-good. Really unbelievable to me how far they have fallen. They seem to have no soul. I have never voted for a Democrat in a general election. I have voted for the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and recently, Governor Dean in primaries. I did have some respect for Scoop Jackson, Sam Nunn, Tim Penney, and now Zell Miller - but for the most part, I can't stand Dems or their followers. As with most of the people here, I absolutely abhor the Clintons and their lackeys. I am a big Rush fan. Will be voting for Bush in November.