Since Feb 26, 2000

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For anyone that bothers to read this, I'm a small business owner in Southern Ohio. My primary company is located in Mt Orab, Ohio (Brown County). I also own a controlling interest in four other entities throughout the United States. I've had a talk show (not political) authored several books (again, not political).

Life long registered Independent, but I've never found a Democrat worth voting for on a national level. Locally, I vote for who I think is best capable of serving my community, occasionally its a Democrat. Most of the time it isn't.

I've been posting on the internet on political boards since 1998 at before she went "control freak". Banned from Liberty Post for daring to laugh at the host, some tax scammer named McIver. Banned from Anti Kooking for daring to suggest I haven't seen anything "bad" here at FR. At one point I sponsored another political website for about a year.

I'm a Veteran of the United States Navy, 1977 - 1981. I'm a gun owner, and both my wife and I target shoot on a regular basis on our property (combat handgunning for want of a better term.)

I'm a political junkie, of that there is no doubt, with no plans to enter Betty Ford to cure it.....(grin)

In short, I'm the nightmare of Liberals everywhere. Self made, very happy with my life, with no instances of needing a government teat in my mouth for survival.

I like Liberals because they provide me with excellent verbal target practice on a daily basis, and lets be honest, there is no such thing as a smart liberal.