Since Sep 25, 2003

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Just a few of my opinions:

Death Penalty:  The Death Penalty is just in the instance of murder.  Each year I read of a convicted murderer sentenced to life in prison that commits yet another murder by murdering a prison guard, another convict, or through the hiring of a hitman.  This I know, no executed murderer has ever gone on the repeat the crime of murder after the execution.  Yes, there have been instances of persons wrongly convicted of murder.  Most often these cases involve false evidence or testimonies.  In my view, the persons presenting such false witness are themselves guilty of attempting to murder the person wrongly accused, and should be held for attempted murder, and if the falsely accused has been executed by the state, tried for murder.

Abortion:  Now, it seems odd to me to be living in a nation that feels such pride in having ended slavery, which meant freeing people that could not speak for themselves, yet this same nation has difficulty determining if the life of a child is worth saving.  I am opposed to abortion.   Rather than passing a law outlawing abortion, I would rather see an amendment forbidding any person or institution from depriving another person of life without just cause.

Illegal Aliens:  They must leave our nation.  There's just no two ways about it.  I don't care if the low wages they receive make a company more profitable.  There are many things much more valuable and much more important than money.

Firearms:  All law abiding citizens do have the right to arm themselves. This right must not be abridged.  

Citizen Militias:  Citizen Militias are the absolute best deterrent to crime, and the absolute best immediate response to natural and manmade disaster.  Citizen Militias are not vigilante by nature as they are not authorized to administer justice, but simply to keep the peace if needed.


Chuck Plante