Since Feb 27, 1999

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Baby Boomer originally from Flint Michigan, living in Tampa since 1974. Strong believer in the redeptive power of Jesus Christ and the American Dream. Living paycheck to paycheck as a Home Care physical therapist for senior citizens. I own my destiny and my reality. My circumstances created opportunity and obstacles, but I have enjoyed the life of a free man thanks to the incredible effort and sacrifices of great Americans who came before me. I blame no one for what I don’t have and I thank God and past generations of Great Americans for what I do have. My meager efforts at creating a life for myself were nourished by the good fruit of Christianity and hard working fellow Americans. I admire those who toil in silence, content to own their circumstances without envy and spite toward those who seemingly have done better. I cherish Liberty over Equality. My definition of a hero is someone who starts a small business, providing for him/herself and also for those married heterosexual couples who have children, sacrificing and caring for them, so as to provide a replacement for themselves. None works harder and provides more benefit for society, than a small business owner and a dedicated parent, neither of which I can claim.