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I am Pro 2nd Amendment because I believe in the right to self defense. The police are under no obligation to protect any particular individual.

I am now ashamed to be Republican. I did call the Republican Party the Stupid Party, but I will do so no longer. It is more accurate to call it the Cowardly Party. The Republican leadership is cowardly because it will not stand up for the middle class and working people who are being hosed every day by the Democrats and their allies: the enviromental movement, banks, international corporations, the media, international organizations, etc. It is the Cowardly Party because its leadership will not point out the utter failure of Democrat policies in the inner cities, which are keeping minorities and poor people ignorant and dependent wards of a corrupt state.

When will the leadership of the Cowardly Party grow a nutsack?

I am pro-life because abortion kills a human being every time it is performed.

I am a Christian because I believe Jesus of Narzareth is the Son of God and Redeemer of the world, who was crucified and risen from the dead, as foretold in the Old Testament Scriptures.

I am a Constitutionalist, because I believe the document our Framers gave us best reconciles liberty and the need for order.

I believe the United States of America is the best country God ever put on this earth. However, the elites who run it are both feckless and knavish.

I am a Zionist, because I believe God unconditionally gave the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants, the Jews, forever. Erets Israel is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

I believe in capital punishment, because: (1) it has been divinely sanctioned by the Scriptures, (2) it perfectly balances the scales of justice--a life for a life., (3) it gives the family of the victim(s) a proper sense of vengence, (4) it has the tendency to deter would-be murderers.

In short, I am a Right-wing, Bible-believing Christian, and a Pro-America, Pro-life Constitutionalist who still believes Bill and Hillary Clinton would look good in an orange jumpsuits, and that Barak Obama is a crypto-Commie pro-Islamist.


Candidate Analysis for '08

I have ripped into John McCain with the best of them. However, I am putting my acrimony aside, not for the good of the Conservative movement, nor even for the good of the Republican Party, but for the good of the nation.

The socialist vision of Clinton and Obama, and their eagerness to surrender to the Jihadist enemies of all humanity makes McCain a thoroughly acceptable candidate in comparison.

I fully endorse John McCain and will enthusiastically support him. How can you enthusiastically support a man you savaged only a short time before, some of you might ask? Because I can will myself to do so.

My former comments about McCain were made prior to his recent speech buying into global warming propaganda hook, line, and sinker. His cap-in-trade advocacy will destroy the U.S. economy. Since he believes he can win the election by appealing to moderate and left-of-center voters, he will not be getting my vote in November.

Things to Think About

Muhammed's command by the Archangel to "Recite" while he spent the night in a cave on Mt. Hira was witnessed by no one. We have only his word for it. Later, people had a vested interest in becoming a Muslim (one's life depended upon it).
The resurrected Christ was seen by more than 500 different individuals. Rather than have a vested interest in believing that He rose from the dead, the opposite was true, and most of the early witnesses to Christ's resurrection were martyred rather than renounce what they knew to be an actual historical event. Islam ultimately is based on the subjective religious experience of a single individual who was known to suffer from hallucinations (even Arabs will admit that, explained away as "proof" somehow of his apostleship). On the other hand, Christianity is based on the testimony of many witnesses concerning the objective facts of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection from the dead.

I believe either Shaytan came to Muhammed and offered him the kingdoms of this world if he would but bow down and worship him, or Muhammed was in a manic phase while staying the night on Mt. Hira and was hallucinating. (Later, he was in such a severe funk he became suicidal, does this sound suspiciously like a manic-depressive disorder?) In either case, Islam is based on falsehood, and those who follow the teachings of its "prophet" are following the path of falsehood. No matter how you try to sugar up an ideology based upon a lie, it will in the end always either kill or enslave you. Papalism, Communism, Nazism, and Islam are all based on lies or truth twisted beyond recognition and piously execute, maim, and imprison in the name of all that is lofty.

The Quran and its companion the Hadith are handbooks for the commission of murder and mayhem in the name of religion. These books together form a constitution for the establishment of a despotism so wicked and vile as to make warm the heart of Big Brother.

When a Christian takes his religion seriously, he reads the Bible more and spends more time in prayer, maybe goes to church more often. When a Jew takes his religion seriously, he keeps a kosher table and keeps Shabbat. When a Buddhist takes his religion seriously, he spends more time in meditation. When a Confucian takes his religion seriously, he honors his ancestors. Yet, when a Muslim takes his religion seriously, it seems that more often than not, he either become a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism. Reason: the Quran commands Muslims to slay or subjugate the ahl al-Kithab ( "people of the Book", i.e.; Jews, Christians, and Sabeans) or to simply slay every mushrik (polytheist or idolater). The Quran declares these acts to be incumbent upon every member of the umma (the universal community of Islam). Thus, Islam is a dangerous, Oriental despotism that must be reformed or the world will suffer continued cycles of violence such as it has never seen. When the cycles of violence reach their peak, cultural and religious shrines will become targets of destruction (for the jihadist fanatics, such is already the case). From the quranic sura known as The Elephant, all Muslims believe the Kaaba can never be destroyed by the infidels, since it is protected by Allah. They may someday wake to the fact that Allah could not protect Beitullah (the Kaaba and environs), when it is a smoking, radioactive slagheap. This is how jihadism will inevitably end, not with the triumph of the Madhi, but with the destruction of the Kaaba, the Grand Mosque, and the Prophet's Tomb in Medina. When the dogs of total war have been unleashed, their sacred sites will be nothing more than targets of opportunity. I wonder if any Muslim anywhere has ever taken two minutes to ponder this.

A committed Christian pacifist, Fox next quoted from the Gospel of Thomas (a text as unfamiliar in mainstream Christianity as the model for Christian nonviolence....
As useful idiot dhimmis, "peaceniks" like this want to identify with their Islamonazi friends. The Muzzies take great stock in the Gospel of Thomas and would never refer to Jesus as "the Son of God" (which He actually is). Allah has no son according to the Quran. To so refer to Jesus would be the unforgivable sin of "associating." (Jesus is only one of 28 prophets in Islam). So now we understand that people like this Tom Fox identify more closely with the Jihadist scum religiously than they ever would with Evangelical Christians. Their next step will be to repeat the sahada ("There is no god but Allah...etc."), get a prayer rug, and put on a suicide vest loaded with explosives. How far a step is it from being a Jihadist-loving peacenik fanatic to becoming a homicide bomber? I think it is far closer than most of us realize.

It's been going on for 1400 years. Thus must be the generation that puts a stop to it or there'll be nothing left for the next.
--Fred Nerks on Jihad and Genocide in West Papua

The Muslims worship a depraved, bloodthirsty god who promises those who burn churches, rape non-Muslim women, desecrate infidel cemeteries, blowup school buses full of children, kill vacationers on holiday, and commit the most heinous atrocities a place in a sensual, harlot-filled heaven. The god of Islam does not sound at all like the God of grace and mercy found in Scripture. The god of the Quran sounds more like the one who boasted in Isaiah, chapter 14, "I will ascend to the sides of the north. I will be like the Most High" ("Allah akbar"), i.e., Abbadon, the Ruler of the demon-infested Abyss. Radical Islam (and all of its fellow-travelers) must be destroyed.

The Muslim reaction to three blasphemous cartoons in an obscure Danish newspaper was more violent than the American reaction to terrorists flying planes into our buildings and killing 3,000 people. This statement, in itself, is absolutely unbelievable. After 9/11 no embassies were firebombed, no people were kidnapped, no mobs chanting “Death” were formed...just a random report or two of some ignorant redneck somewhere who spray-painted a mosque or threatened a Muslim, and who was quickly dealt with by authorities. Now after a daily drumbeat of suicide bombings, beheadings, riots, death-videos, kidnappings, murders, my belief that Islam is a religion of peace is quickly fading...
— Peter Day

Qur’an 5:4 “This day those who reject faith give up all hope of your religion. Yet fear them not, fear Me. This day I have perfected your religion and have chosen for you Submission as your religion.”
Islam cannot be about freedom or liberty since aslama is the attitude of the slave, not the freeman. (Note: Islam enjoins submission for its adherents, subjugation for the dhimmi, and death for the mushrik. Sounds like a recipe for tyranny.) He who truly loves liberty could no more be a Muslim than a Communist.

When there were celebrations in every nation of the ME after the destruction of the WTC, how can we call Islam the religion of peace, unless it is the peace established by every despotism--all dissent is muzzled, all of its enemies liquidated.
Islam is a far greater threat to the peace of the world than Nazism, facism, Japanese militarism, and Communism were combined, and most of our leaders will not see it. In fact, in Europe the Left sees the rise of Islam as the means by which they can regain their power. After all, Islam and the Left have many of the same hates in common, to wit, capitalism, Christianity, civil liberties, etc., (though after sharia is established there, the Muzzies will turn on them with fanatical fury). Of course, many of these same wild-eyed latter-day Bolsheviks, will throw on a turban or burkha, recite the shahada, and begin sticking their butts up in the air five times a day for the moon-god. The dialectical materialist of yesterday, will be shouting "Allah akhbar" tomorrow. I guarantee it. The far left and the Muslims are just two sides of the same dinar, a coin that will purchase nothing but slavery and a one-way trip back into the Middle Ages.

Of the world's major religions, Islam is the only one I know of that can't hold its own in the arena of theological ideas. In fact, it's such a weak religion it can only be sustained through gross disinformation, intimidation, and an enforced absence of competition. Why has Islam never experienced a reformation? Because it would never survive one.

Muslim Arabs can only be united when they have a common outside hatred they can focus on. Left to themselves, they kill, maim, and destroy each other with abandon. That is why their desire to impose a worldwide khalifa is so utterly laughable. Were they ever to impose such a regime (not terribly likely), they would be at each other's throats within a week. A worldwide khalifa would bring the dysfunction and backwardness of the Muslim Middle East to the entire planet.

The assertion that "Islam is not monolithic" misses entirely the point. Islam, in everything that pertains to Infidels, is in fact remarkably "monolithic." And you can test this with the evidence of 1350 years of Jihad conquest. No matter where that conquest took place, no matter whether those conquered were Christians (of all kinds), or Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Jains, or Confucians, or anything else in this sublunary world, the treatment meted out to those subjugated non-Muslims was always and everywhere quite similar.
--Hugh Fitzgerald,

Reactionary Utopia vs. Modernity: A common enmity toward Israel is the only thing that prevents Arab modernizers and traditionalists from tearing their societies apart. Fundamentalists vie against secularists and reformist Muslims for the fusion of mosque and state under the green flag of the Prophet. And a barely concealed class struggle pits a minuscule bourgeoisie and millions of unemployed young men against the power structure, usually a form of statist cronyism that controls the means of production. Far from creating tensions, Israel actually contains the antagonisms in the world around it.
from an article on

Dear Mr. Imadingybat:

Ordinarily someone as irrational and ugly as you are would be ignored by every right-thinking and honorable person. However, since Muslim nations, such as yours, seem to elevate the most scurrilous and ignorant little monsters to the highest postions (in imitation, no doubt, of the camel thief you consider the prophetic "seal" of your hate-filled death cult), the disgusting Nazi drivel that pours out of your mouth (which stinks of sheep-dung and Mullah backsides) must be answered truthfully but with an equal amount of invective.

You, Mr. Imadingybat had better understand a thing or two. You are so obviously irrational and more than just a little ignorant. You are supposedly a history teacher. However, I am sure the history you studied and taught to the brain-washed little future killers in your classes was nothing but a pack of lies and fairie tales Muslims like to tell each other to account for the many failures and obvious backwardness of Islamic societies. SO let me set you straight. One of these days you are going to step over the line. If we have a President with even half a backbone, he is going to order airstrikes against YOU personally, and the camel-dung eating army of parasitical Mullahs that run your anal-cavity of a country. Your cities will glow in the dark, and you and your hairy-legged wife, along with the little nits you have, no doubt, sired will have the appearence of well-toasted marshmellos.

Think about this very seriously, Mr. Imadingybat. We as Americans, do not care to understand you, your nation, or your murderous religion, and frankly find you and your culture to be menacing. We have gone Roman on nations before, and I think yours is one we could destroy and not feel a hint of guilt or remorse.

We desire to be friendly with all nations, but once finally angered, that anger is often not assauged by anything but the total destruction of the offending nation. That is a history lesson you surely ought to digest.


Freeper Extraordinaire


Biblical and Theological Geek Corner

(Interesting facts about the Bible, Theology, and Ancient History)

The Months of the Hebrew Calendar

The first month is Abib
Zif, number two
Sivan the third
The fourth is Thammuz

Then there is Ab
And then there is Elul
Tishri the seventh
The eighth month is Bul

Chislev follows the shedding of leaves
During Tebeth you are liable to freeze
Shebat is a little more warm
Though during Adar there might be a storm

But that's not all
No, not by far
There may be a 13th
Month called Veadar