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Since Dec 23, 2003

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All right, where to begin ? I'm a 34 year-old Frenchman - and yep, French as a frigging frog. I used to come to FR and enjoy the debates, and so I decided to be part of it instead of a mere lurker. I chose FR because I'm politically conservative and heavily interested in world politics (and a bit of a history buff, as you could put it), and I look forward debating with like-minded Americans.

As for the Franco-American flame war going on, I can only say this : I love my country as you love yours, and such love compels me to be grateful for the people that liberated France. And so (if you pardon the pun), thank you all for you made us a free Republic,too.

"And all the allies of the United States can know: we honor your friendship, we rely on your counsel, and we depend on your help. Division among free nations is a primary goal of freedom's enemies. The concerted effort of free nations to promote democracy is a prelude to our enemies' defeat."

President George Walker Bush, Inaugural Speech, January the 20th,2005