Since Jun 19, 1998

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Any thoughtful person who knows history and religion would be anti-Islam. Along with Communism, Naziism, and the Black Death, Islam has been responsible for more death and destruction on the face of the planet than just about anything else since the last asteroid impact. Islam was started by predators. It has spread by predation. It has lived off the decaying corpses of the civilizations it has destroyed. It is a vast, ancient sea of corruption, oppression, fanaticism, and ignorance lapping up against the shores of the present, kept alive by the fortuitous accident of living above huge reserves of petroleum.

James Zogby: Memo to America's Right--Obama Won, Now Get Over It (barf alert)

Memo to James Zogby: Obama won the responsibility of making sure the Constitution is upheld and defended against enemies both foreign and domestic by making sure that Constitutional laws are properly executed; if, however, he fails to do this and, instead, joins together with those who assault the Constitution and the nation it was meant to protect, he then becomes one of those enemies, in his case probably both foreign and domestic, even if he happens to have been elected president. Being elected president doesn't mean that the American people have ceded to him dictatorial powers to remake the United States and its government into whatever seems best to him.

"The President of the United States of America bows to no man. You do not bow to kings. When in foreign lands, you do not criticize your own country. You do not argue the case against the United States, but, rather, the case for it. You do not apologize to the enemies of the United States. Should you be confused, know that a country, people, or region that harbors, shelters, supports, encourages, or cheers attacks upon our country, the slaughter of our children, our mothers, our fathers, our sisters, and brothers… are enemies of the United States."
--Congressman Mike Pence