Since Mar 25, 2001

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"There is always a certain meanness in the argument of conservatism, joined with a certain superiority in its fact" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

"By the sword we seek peace, peace only under liberty" -Massachusetts state motto(Mass didn't always suck.)

If any one is wondering, I was active duty in the Navy working in Naval Aviation during the first Gulf war. Recently, I just finished up a stint in the Army National Guard in Light Infantry. Specifically I was the SAW gunner of my squad, and my job title on the Platoon roster was Infantry Scout. In the Navy I was in Strike-Fighter Squadron 83. In the Army Guard I was attached to the 182nd with the famed 29th Division. You may remember them from the movie Saving Private Ryan. The Soldiers who were not Rangers had the Blue and Grey Yin and Yang symbol as their Division patch. That's the 29th Division symbol.

If you have any other questions, just ask.

This is me coming from a match to hold my new born niece. This is back in my Martial Arts Days. Look at my knuckles and my left eye. I miss getting kicked in the face, LOL! I love the contrast in this picture. My beautiful niece and her battered uncle. This was a magical moment for me.

This is me on my Birthday last October stuck in New Mexico for some Army training, shaved head and all.

Here I am doing some winter diving. I don't have a gut, it's a dry suit as opposed to a wet suit. I use this for the winter. You actually fill them with air.

Here I am at 35 feet at Bass Rocks and than smiling at 50'. It is quite a feat, LOL!

This is my other dive partner. We are clowning around puffing our dry suits up with air. I am not really that big :)Long hair there is playing guitar on a couple songs from Another Animal's upcoming album. Another Animal is Godsmack without Sully and with their original lead guitarist.

This is when I was active duty Navy in Aviation. That's my boss I am leaning on, LOL!

Me during War Games in New Mexico. It was raining and I had to crawl through that crap. You should have seen what I looked like, LOL! This is right before the explosions.