Archie Bunker on steroids
Since Feb 15, 1999

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My screen name was bestowed upon me by an angry feminist. She grew tired of my constant barrage against her liberal heroes and she shouted, "You're just an Archie Bunker, NO! youre worse than that, you're an Archie Bunker on Steroids". The name is fine with me as Mr. Bunker is my favorite TV character.
"Awwchie your stinkin the house up with that cigar".

Here is a picture of Edith the dingbat. Heck of a meatloaf, but not much else going on.

Here is my meathead son in law with my daughter Gloria. Where did I go wrong raising Gloria? The guy now likes to team up with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielburg and tell us how to raise our kids. Get your paws off my little goil you pinko commy
He is a Communist.

I can't stand meathead liberals.

Meathead- dead from the neck up.