Since Feb 21, 2004

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Born 1963 Maryland USA

Grew up most of my young life on Long Island NY.

I love my Country. I am very much a patriot and Constitutionalist.

I love my Family even the liberals.

I am a die hard conservative mental health care counselor (oxymoron) working in of all places Massachusetts.

I am a jazz and rock drummer that also likes to dabble on the synthesizer.

I love sports but I don't use it to escape reality by watching it on TV.

I am a horrible speller that needs to rely on spell check and the dictionary.

I share Sean Hannitys view on liberals. I can live with them as individuals but when their together recognize they are the most dangerous people on the planet.

I do not make a lot of money as a mental health worker so I donate my time knocking on the doors and ringing phones for the Republican party. If I hit the Lottery I will make a large donation here.

My wife takes the rest of my money and she is a liberal. I am working on that but it appears hopeless (serenity prayer)

I am Pro Military and Pro Police officer. Proud to have members of both in my family serving our country.

Anti pothead.

love dark humor.

Always willing to give a hand up but not a hand out.

I love to use Free Republic as a outlet for my opinions and learn from others. I am honored to be amongst other great Americans.