Since Oct 31, 2002

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Make 1984 Fiction Again!

About this Bear:

Intelligence: Smarter than average (...the average bear that is).

Education: B.S. Mathematics (most bears do not make it past high school).

Religion: Brought up Christian. Turned agnostic as a teenager. Returned to Christ as I got older.

Political Outlook: Started liberal as teenager. Turned Libertarian when first subjected to taxes. Turned conservative when I started understanding history.

Profession: Software engineer.

Special powers: Overtly analytical.

Secret weakness: ********

Outlooks on specific issues (as may differ from typical FR attitudes, safe to assume I am against high taxes and big government etc):

Roe vs Wade: An absurd act of judicial activism that robbed the state governments of the power to outlaw an abomination which wounds the souls of mothers while snuffing out the life of their helpless children.

Freedom of speech: Applies to expressing ideas, not harassing your neighbor, slandering someone, nor peddling porn. Protects a porn peddlers right to opine that they should be allowed to peddle porn. Does not protect the porn itself.

Second Amendment: Protects the individuals right to keep and bear arms from the federal government. Such arms do not include WMD, as nothing remotely like them existed when the Amendment was drafted, and could not have been anticipated. However assault weapons are protected, because they had rifles back then, and presumably anticipated improvements.

Creationism and Evolution:Life was certainly created and the evidence of science has relentlessly dashed the hopes of those seeking a way the first cell could have formed by naturalistic means in the past few decades. The issue is usually side stepped by naturalists by selective equivocation. When arguing for the theory of Evolution, the origin of the first cell is considered a different subject. And yet when applying the theory of Evolution to support a naturalistic world view, it is unwittingly bundled up and implied as a solved issue...when it is anything but. When the Myth Busters test a theory of how something may have happened as described...they try it as described. If it doesn't work that way, the myth is considered "busted" but they never-the-less try to make the thing work any way they find what it would really take. In the case of a living cell...the idea it could happen by accident was not only completely BUSTED...but for eighty years of failure after failure after failure after failure and much research and effort...the prospect toward creating one artificially remains absurd. Making it perhaps the most busted myth of all time. But even more significant to the question of creation vs naturalism, is that the physical evidence strongly indicates the universe could not have always existed. Leaving naturalists dreaming up comic book fodder like "multi-verses" to try to solve this fatal blow to their philosophy.

Doctrine of Hell: I am in that minority of Christians that interpret "the wages of sin is death", to mean that "death" rather than "eternal torment" is the consequence of sin. I think this language is far plainer than largely symbolic prophecies that the doctrine of eternal torment are based on. The punishment for the damned seems to be annihilation. It is an eternal punishment in the sense that it is permanent, but not eternal in the sense that they will be alive to experience eternal pain.

Gay people Gay people are fine. There is nothing wrong with being happy. But people should avoid things that bring only a brief happiness before leading to more trouble than they are worth. God has some good advice on these areas in the bible.

Legal Immigration Should favor people with skills we need. Should require the immigrant to give up dual-citizenship style divided loyalties. Should exclude those obligated to overthrow our government by their religion or some other association. Should favor those who want to assimilate into our culture rather than live as separatists. Should be scaled back.

Illegal Immigration Enforce the law! Build the fence! Crack down on the employers! Provide a way that employers can easily identify the immigration status, so they have no excuses to hire illegals!

Stem cell research This should not even be a controversy. Embryonic stem cell research treatments = 0, Adult stem cell treatments = 70+. Like being skunked ten times in a row. Anybody see a pattern? Hello?