Since Mar 19, 1998

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Born in 1956. Catholic since 1999. 4th degree K of C (Grand Knight, State Community Director), Lector, choir member (but I don't know why they want me). Wife of 28 years and counting. Two of the greatest kids in the world. Work in the computer industry. Conservative since 1984. Proud Freeper lurker since 1997 and active since 1998 (but can't remember what life was like without it).

In a sharply worded attack on the phenomenon of “spin-doctoring”, Pope John Paul II said the media wrongly promoted the idea that “the only absolute truth is that there are no absolute truths, or that if there are, they are inaccessible to human reason ... what matters is not the truth but the story”.

St Isodore has this to say to Freepers: “In reading we aim at knowing, but we must put into practice what we have learnt rather than just acquiring knowledge”.